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Sick and tired
14 Replies
Iori - February 20

My symptoms have made me so depressed lately. I am feeling like I just cannot mentally withstand any more physical crap. Do you guys ever feel like your body is against you? Because for me, it seems like as soon as I finally get used to one horrible sensation, another crops up to take its place.... and they are scary and I am just damned sick of it! Sometimes I feel like I must be getting punished for something? I want to be "normal" like my other girlfriends and worry about dumb frivolous things like shopping, new clothes or what night to go out, etc... this is not the life I imagined for myself as a girl. I am like an 80 year old trapped in a young woman's body.... I hate it and I'm sick of it! Sorry I am such a downer, this is why I haven't been around here much anymore.... I feel so hopeless most of the time I don't feel like I have anything positive to share. Can anyone relate?


jmtassey - February 20

Try not to be depressed lori, it sucks that you feel like your 80. I can relate Im only 21 with a three year old and its hard for me to be a mom because I ache so bad. Yet, I am now more thank ful for the days when the pains are not so bad. Have you tried antidepressants? Also I cut caffeine out of my diet and that seems to have helped a bit. Hope you feel better.


dream69 - February 20


Have you given the Ginger root tea a try yet?


JoniB - February 20

I understand how you feel. It is tough living with fibro. Knowledge helps as well as knowing your limitations. I quit work Dec. 2004 and have applied for SSD. I have been denied twice, have appealed, hired an attorney (who gets 25%) and am awaiting a hearing in front of an administrative law judge, maybe this summer. I have 2 teenagers who say they are embarrased of me cause I don't have a job, an ex-husband & a boyfriend who keep telling me to get a job. They do NOT understand how bad I feel every day! I am in bed 16-18 hrs a day approx. I try to save my energy (if I can get some) for when my kids come home from school so I can clean, help with homework & fix their dinner. I don't go out unless there is a Dr. or dentist appt, pick up some groceries and try to attend some of my kids' activities at school (it is difficult to sit on those bleachers by the way). Sometimes I feel like I am wearing a heavy lead coat, walking through a mud puddle with my head in dark clouds. I do the best I can and have been seeking help from Dr's for many years. I try to remain optimistic. I hope that you get to feeling better. Just know there are people who do care & understand.


jane doe - February 21

Lori, Don't worry about coming around here when you are blue, that's what these forums are for. Most people in your "real life" can not possibly understand how you feel, but we do. I guess I'm "lucky" in a way, because my fibro didn't hit me until my 40's, so I did get to be young and have fun. But I can relate to your being sick of being sick, and scared. I worry so much about my future. I work full time and I am a single mom of 2 teenagers. I will always have to work, and don't see myself ever being able to retire. You are not being punished for anything, it's just the way life is. There will always be people much better of than you and there will always be people much worse off. Just do what you can, and have a good time doing it, when you are up to it, and when you're not, take it easy and don't punish yourself because you are sick.


old lady - February 21

To anyone.....Does Fibro make a person more sleepy or is it the other meds I take. I willl be 70 and think I have had fibro for years but was only diagnosed last year by a rheumatologist .
My granddaughter will be 25 and has had it for a few years plus a host of other ailments.
Am I depressed...yes at times. I have epilepsy ( not really bad now anymore) so I don't drive or never have. Now I can't afford it. I have to depend on my son, which I hate to do. His wife has it so
he understands.
I love to call myself an "old lady", one can get away with so much more, just chaulk it up to old age.
But being young and having it isn't so much fun.
Find the litttle things in life that make you happy and concentrate on that or them. It works more than not. Hope I can remember how to get back on this form, I usually forget. Oh well, I will find you all somewhere !


JJ1 - February 21

Fatigue is a symptom of Fibromyalgia. Also, fibro sufferers may not get restful sleep. that is why I was prescribed amytriptyline -- it helps you get to the deep restful sleep each night.


Iori - February 24

Thanks you guys.


colleen steele - February 24

Wow Lori..I was coming to the forum to say I was sick and tired of being sick and tired !!! What you said and all the replies are so true. I am 51 but have always known I had something even when I was young.I was always with something hurting . I just got diagnosed last year.It was some what a relief to have a name for it though.To bad just knowing what it is doesn't make it go away.It sure was easier to take the pain and all when I was younger.If I had known back then I would not have worked and played as hard as I did. I would have taken better care of my body and mind. I get depressed all the time,my dr. has me on three anti-depessants.It sucks not knowing what will hurt from day to day,it takes me half the day to get my gears in motion. My mom lives next door and she is always sick just from being old really,and she loves going to the doctor and the attention she gets from getting different tests and same day surgeries,I think she has munchhausin or something.My sister lives in front of me and she has a brainstem tumor and a broken leg. Anyway I take care of both of them,plus my husband,but it is really starting to take it's toll on me.But what else can I do,I can't turn my back. I do have a grandson who is four and one on the way.That is my only constent and I keep going for him.He loves being with me and I cherish every moment I have with him and am very excieted for the one on the way. Anyway I guess what I am trying to say is find something that makes you happy and dwell on that instead if you can.I know it is hard but it helps me.Also the people on this forum really have good advice and know what they are talking about,you can always vent and some one will listen and understand. I and many others can relate to your plight,we have all been there and know how you feel..............So take care of yourself and try to stay in good spirits for yourself and those who love you......................Colleen


avsfan16 - February 26

hey lori, it sounds like you are describing me. the changes in my life lately are getting worse and things seem to be happening and changing all the time. i feel like i am going insane, and sometimes all i can do is sit and rock in pain. i am quite new tto this, and am just learning different things, but am sure glad there is somewhere like this tosee what other people have to say. i feel like a big baby most of the time, and like i am a hypocondriac or something. the whole memory thing is starting to get really bad, and i am starting to question my mental capacity. i have a son with leukemia as well, so my health seems to be secondary, and in my mind minimal compared to what he has to endure. well, i could go on forever, and probably will be back again later to touch base. have a good day all. joanne


tcmby - February 28

awwww.... Lori honey, we all feel this way sometimes :( my symptoms change all the time too... it really can mess with your head. like avsfan16 said its hard to feel, or get treated like a hypochondriac all the time... i just have to say how much i love this thread! it is so supportive & kind, sharing compassion & support. now thats exactly what this forum is for... and its awesome!


tcmby - February 28

P.S. Joanne... i am thinking of you & your son, sending lots of hope & love your way.... stay strong. we are here to support you whenever you need it ;)


BrandyO - February 28

I totally relate Lori ..... it's not easy. It sounds like you are going through a bad patch. I find my symptoms have waxed and waned over the years and when I am in a bad flare I try to tell myself "this too shall pass". I know they are just words but hopefully by the time you read this you will already be feeling a little better. At least I hope so. Just know that we all understand and we are here to listen to you vent when ever you need too! Best wishes, Brandy


Iinda - March 2

Hi Lori, its good to see you! I haven't posted here in a long while either. I am SO pleased to see all of the kindness and genuine concern being displayed out here these days. This is exactly as it should be! Battling depression either caused by living with chronic illness, or simply on its own is always a struggle. It is hard to stay hopeful when so much time has passed being ill, but we must try. Support and love from friends and family are so very important. Hope this finds you well.


Iori - March 10

you guys are really great. i felt embarrassed for writing this post after i hit the submit button, but now i am glad i did... its good to know you're not alone, even if you feel like it sometimes.



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