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sick all the time
16 Replies
chris - July 13

why do i always feel sick


FJS - April 25

The pain with FMS will do that to you.I am sick in the morning mostly. Do you vommit or just feel sick?


chris - April 26

I don,t vomit,i just feel sick and achy all the time,and feel like i have no energy to do anything. the worst part is being so tired all the time. there are days when i,m at work where i don,t think i can make it through the day.i hate having this, feels like you don,t have a normal life. i never feel like going anywhere, i just want to stay at home all the time but i push myself to do the things i have to do.


[email protected] - April 27

for years i went to the doctor for feeling like i had the flue. dah. it was/is fibro. the doctors were so used to having people come in with the flu, they just overlooked my problem for 8-10 years. i always feel like my skin is super sunburned. especially my knees. always feel like i've either got the flu or coming down w/a bad cold. that's just part of the deal. sucks, but that's it. i run my hands under cold water in the sink all the time. i still have to work because texas thinks i'm faking. typical. i push, too. then it takes 2-3 days to recooperate. in bed. heating pad. please, i hope you feel better. i really do. i'm so depressed, i'm not really much good to anyone. take care.


ropey - April 29

my mum&aunt have fibro,along with all the other symptoms ive got i also suffer from nausea&vomiting!this can happen 2 or 3 times a week.


TO HLF1952 - May 29

Hiya listen you are good and dont you ever think aotherwise.Yes this does get us all down emphasis on the all
This is why there are such wonderful sites like this its for us and who better to understand than fellow fms sufferers.Do you know why I came on tonight,because I am feeling so very down.But reading all your posts has really lifted my spirits(yours especially) because its made me realise that Im not alone with this disease and there are others who like me getmiserable with life and tis only through reading about your stories and experiences etc I am able to feel better and have hope.
I am SO GLAD you posted because do you know what? you`ve helped me so much tonight and I am ever so thankfull.
You keep smiling because now you`ve made someone else smile...ME...
take care and lots of love.


- June 7

i constantly feel sick all the time aswell
my head always aches aswell as my musles
its hard because i'm at school and i can't talk to my parents because i've tried that and they think i'm faking please help i don't know what to do


miss sickly - June 9

i have been feeling sick all the time, my stomach is always bloated and now i am getting blacks spots on my tongue that goes and comes...........what could this be?


Lisa - July 13

I feel sick all the time too and lately have been vomiting more often.


icerain - January 8

i feel sick all the time i will be good one day and then the next day feel sick all day i just don't know what this could be if anyone can help tell me what might be going on i could talk to my doctor.


fancithatt - January 8

are you taking anything to help with the pain? Sometimes the meds can upset your stomach until you get used to them but I couldn't survive without my meds. The pain would be too much to take. Good luck hun ?


bmcgovern - January 8

I get nauseated a lot to but i have changed my diet i do not eat sugar, dairy, greasy food, gluten red meat. It has helped my stomach, but i have had really bad pain for the last 3 weeks going through a bad flare up. I get nauseated but don't vomit. I have noticed when i get like this one thing that has helped is eating Celery or Salad it helps calm mine down and same with Stomach Curing this is to help the nausea go away. It's natural and you can get it at any health food store. A pill i take when i get bloated is a water weight pill, plus i sometimes feel like i get that to much liquid in the stomach and it just feels nasty. Well i hope you all start feel better soon.
Good Luck.


mustangsh - January 18

I have had fms for years now and would have nausea
from time to time..I did not connect that with FMS.About 5 months ago I started waking up feeling
sick at stomach everyday until about 1:00..I finally went to GP and she had me do all the stomach test(upper GI and colonoscopy)they found nothing wrong but prescribed aciphex..docter said this would help a nervous stomach..he also recomended that I see a docter that treats FMS..he
really ask a lot of questions..told him I had just
learned to cope with FMS but could not cope with the nausea..he wanted me to take Lyrica.I am very concerned about taking something that has not been
on market long so he prescribed a VERY low dosage of Klonopin..this is used for people with seizures
or anxiety.I was real concerned about taking it also because it is a narcotic and I have NEVER been on any meds.I only take one at night and I am very seldom naucious any more.I hope and pray this low dose will continue to work.Maybe if you treat the axiety that comes with FMS you can help control the nausea symptons.


iliveinpain - January 18

I used to get this off and on too, but lately, I'd say since the holidays, it's been horrible. I get so nauseous and my head spins, I feel like I'm gonna pass out and then it'll pass. I was actually glad to find this post, cause I've been feeling alone in this, and now I see that nausea is also a part of fibro. hmmmmm.... I've forced myself to vomit just to get rid of that horrible nauseous feeling. I think that's even worse than pain. I also notice that since the holidays, I've been in an incredibly bad flare up and cycle of pain. I'll have a pretty good day, well good for me, in pain but not nauseous, and then the next day, bam! It's starting all over again. I actually feel better tho if I eat a small amount of something, it's worse on an empty stomach. I've been thinking it was the flu too, that's what it feels like, but I don't think a flu comes and goes from one day or week to the next. So, I'm also putting it down to fibro. My life sucks, I hurt, I'm depressed and tired, and I to force myself to go to work everyday cause I HAVE to work, and because of fibro, I'd never be able to get health insurance if I didn't have it from my job. I went out for dinner with my husband on Saturday nite, and all the way there in the car, I was wondering if this was a good idea. Sat down at the restaurant and I swore I was gonna have to make a run for the bathroom, but after I ate, I actually felt much better. So, I get alot of bitterness and anxiety and sitting here angry wracked with pain and feeling no one understands. No one does either, except for the people on this site. Thank God for this site!!


Noca - January 18

chris, you sound like you are experiencing symptoms of clinical depression. See a doctor and inquire about that as soon as you can.


mustangsh - January 18

Are you being treated for axiety..I really think
there is such a fine line between axiety/Fibro that a lot of our stomach promblems is caused from
the axiety part. Klonopin is for axiety and helping me!!


Canada17 - January 18

I know exactly how you feel and there are so many factors that could be contributing to it.

My first inclination though is to look at what you are ingesting. Everything from your medication to what you eat and drink.

Medications can do funny things to us because our bodies process everything differently.

Even the healthiest of foods can cause us problems. My doctor, who also has Fibromyalgia created an elimination diet. It works well for her, for me, and for every Fibro patient she knows who has tried it. She has even had other members of the medical community ask for copies of it so they can pass it on to their patients and it has been successful with them as well.

Try eliminating the following from your diet for two weeks:

chick peas
raw onion
raw garlic
white flour
white sugar
yeast products, anything containing yeast
watch milk products
all bread except rye and pita

Oh, trust that I know how daunting a task it seems to eliminate all these things from your diet for two weeks. I LOVE FOOD! But, when I followed my doctor's advice, not only did I feel dramatically better, I lost 15 lbs! My pain is much more tolerable and I am not always sick all the time.

After two weeks, you can start to reintroduce items one at a time and watch to see how they make you feel. You'll quickly find that some items cause you extreme discomfort and others have no ill affect on you at all.

For me, potatoes, yeast, white flour, and white sugar are THE WORST!!! I feel sick and sore all over after eating them and it lasts for a few days. Other things, like the fruits, aggrevate my GERD because of the acids.

If you find no relief at all from this diet you need to look at any vitamins or medications you are taking that could be causing you to feel sick. If nothing can be found there, I would recommend, if you haven't already, looking at air quality, it can really affect us. Sometimes I feel like the canary in the mine. lol

Plus, try to reduce the amount of tap water you consume. While I am a big promoter of sustainability and eco-friendly practices and products, bottled water, or in the least filtered water, is essential to us. The chlorine alone in tap water can cause us flare ups, not to mention all the other crap that gets pumped into it to "purify" it. And water is so important for us!

I wish you all the best. I understand this seems like it would be hard, and what would you eat if you eliminated all these items? Trust me, there are plenty of really yummy alternatives, you can get really creative. Besides, if these things are causing you to feel worse, wouldn't you want to know?



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