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shoulder blade pain
20 Replies
Beone - November 15

Anyone else get shoulder blade pain, that burns through to the breast, collar bone, upper rib bone area.
i can get it on either side but more on the right side and it can go around under the arms. it would be nice to hear I'm not alone.



boomer - November 16

you are'nt alone i have that problem too. i use a heating pad alot. it doesnt always help it though. i don't know anything else to suggest for it. but yea it is very painfull.


George - November 17

Yes, I do get them. If I take calcium magnesium, I feel better, sometimes they are very intense.

Yet if they are "new", like couple of months I will consult MD, I you have had them for years.... then its part of being in a club.



January - November 20

Used to have terrible problems with pain in the muscles around my shoulder blades. A massage therapist told me I had big knots in my muscles, and he worked to help break them up. I also got many small lidocaine shots into the muscle knots (done by an anesthesiologist) to help with the pain. Between the shots and pretty heavy massage, they finally did break up and go away - and I have no more pain there!


dannape - December 5

Oh my gosh, SO glad to know this has something to do with my just started a couple days ago, and i have been in tears...the pain is horrendous..just under the right shoulder blade in the back,,sometimes it burns like crazy, and the area is small,then it spreads to around the side under my arm, one of the girls, tried to work it out, said i had a huge knot there, and said it was common to people who have fibro (she has it too), i was diagnosed a few years ago, and why is it just showing up now? started with a heating pad tonight, isn't working too well...i work at a bank, at a computer, working the lobby and the drive thru, (which is to my right), which i think is contributing to the pain. the rheumy already has me on 2 50 mg tramadol a night, i've been taking one during the day for the pain, it's not working too well, but if i take more than 2 in the evening, i lay awake, itching all night, don't know what that's about??

So, am i understanding that a masseuse or shots is the way to go? Any advice is appreciated, so i don't know how much more i can take, this pain is way worse than the normal pain i'm having with the fibromyalgia

Peggy from Ohio


George - December 6

This is difficult, I think you should see more doctors, and decide what to do.


January - December 24

Hi dannape -- I understand!! The pain is just awful. I have not had trouble with those big knots for many years. They're gone! Here's what I did: I found an MD anesthesiologist who was also an acupuncturist. He is the one who gave me the lidocaine shots in the big knots in my back. He used a very small needle, called "fine bore needle" so the shots were not painful. He went very slowly and gave me many small injections in the muscle knot, and as I got numbed up, he went in deeper. Then, I also got a deep massage once or twice a week, with heavy pressure on the knots. It hurt, hurt, hurt… then something sort of released, and the pain was better. I probably had 3 or 4 sessions of injections over time, along with regular acupuncture. I also changed my diet to strictly gluten free, and it took about a year, but my muscle pain has gotten significantly better with time! Now, I really don't have muscle pain any more - just other stuff like joint pain that may not even be fibro.

You might want to take these suggestions to a doctor, and see if someone can follow the same routine. It cured me! The important thing is to use a fine bore needle, and do many small injections, all around and into the muscle knot.

I once went to a regular doctor and asked him for lidocaine injections - not knowing there was a different way! This regular doctor pulled out a big bore needle and gave me one huge injection of lidocaine into a knot - hurt like crazy and did not help!

Good luck to you, hope you manage to get rid of them completely, like I did. They are extremely painful to put up with, and yes, the pain radiates to other areas. Feel better!

And, PS, the itching you are experiencing might be a drug side effect. You can find great information about side effects at a site called drugs (dot) com. Just plug in the name of the drug and read the information. You might want to try something else. Itching could indicate an allergy, so talk to your doctor!


dannape - December 25

Thx for responding, hoping you would..i had always heard that people with fibro shouldn't get deep tissue massages, but will definitely take it under advisement. I found a massage place nearby, and there is a lady there, who specializes with patients with fibro and migraines (which i have both) so it kind of struck a cord with me, they are checking my insurance out to see what it would cost me, and i am going to bring all this info up with her and get her input on it. I don't know why it has started all of the sudden, but the pain is horrendous, every day its something new with this fibro, it's just such a joy...but i try to remind myself that it could be so much worse, and there is always other people out there worse off than me.

Will keep you posted what i find out. Thanks again, have a Merry Christmas
Peggy from Ohio


January - December 26

Hi Dannape - I never heard that fibro people shouldn't get deep tissue massage - but now that you mention it, I had a bad reaction from getting a couple of rough Chinese massages. I got very swollen and sore from them.

The massage treatments I had on the knots in my back were different, done by a licensed massage therapist who knew about fibro. I'm not sure if it was "deep tissue" work. It may have been regular massage work - it was not excruciating, in general, just when it came to the knotted up areas. He treated them by pressing into them really hard until they "released." And yes, it hurt! But I also got the lidocaine injections, and they may have helped to break up the knots in conjunction with massage.

The pain those knots cause is simply awful - I had deep, constant aching, and it radiated all over. It was just exhausting to endure it. I really hope you find someone who can help you - because those muscle knots CAN be fixed. Mine are gone now, and have stayed gone for years!

Hope you have had a wonderful Christmas - and hope you feel better soon! : )


January - December 26

PS. Dannape, I wanted to double check, as I remember my MD anesthesiologist told me the lidocaine worked to break up the knots. So I googled "Do lidocaine shots break up knots in muscles."

At the site about trigger points, by Minh Han, MD, he says: "The lidocaine has 2 effects on the trigger point: it numbs the area to provide immediate pain relief, and the liquid manually disrupts the muscle knot to break up inflamed fibers. Usually one trigger point treatment is sufficient, but for chronic or severe conditions, multiple injections over several weeks may be necessary."

So yes - that is exactly what I went though, several treatments with lidocaine, as I described above. The lidocaine PLUS the massage cured my muscle knots. You might need treatment with both to get complete relief. I highly recommend it!


dannape - December 26


When my co worker worked on my knots,it too was excruciating, but she said she was getting them to "fire" over and over again until they shut down, so it kinda makes sense...i can't wait to get into this massage therapist and get her take on ALL of this information. Wish me luck



January - December 28

I do wish you luck, Peggy! I believe, with the right treatment, you can completely free yourself of the pain from the muscle knots - which may be trigger points. Google Dr. Janet Travell for more information on trigger points. Let us know how you are doing with it!

MUCH LUCK to you!


January - December 28

By the way, Dr. Janet Travell also had great success in treating migraines which were caused by trigger points.


Jocelyn - January 4

I have had shoulder pain with burning since I was a kid. I loved to sew and I used to sit at the sewing maching for hours, but eventually, I would have to stop because my back and shoulders would hurt and burn. I must have had Fibro even as young as back then, but who knew. I just thought I was sewing too much!


January - January 4

Jocelyn! It's good to see you back. I was wondering if you were OK - how have you been??? Hope you had a nice holiday and managed some time to rest up. I've been sick on and off since early fall - but am doing better at the moment.

Amazing what you mention about having the burning muscle pain so young! I didn't have bad muscle aches until I was around 30. I had been pushing myself hard for years, and then a lot of stress hit me at once. I spent a whole weekend in bed because I was in so much pain I could barely move, that old "I got hit by a truck" feeling! it was so strange, I still remember it. I guess that was my first "flare." Of course, not the last!

How have you been?


dannape - January 17

I had my first massage with the lady i spoke of who works with fibro patients and people who have frequent migraines...It was awesome...Lost count of the number of knots she found, they were everywhere...I had her just to upper body..i told her i had sinus headaches a she actually started with my face, and head, then down my neck, shoulders, arms, shoudler blades, and yikes....theres where the pain started...I was telling her about this site, and about the discussion about the lidocaine shots, and she has actually heard about that, but had also heard it was difficult to find someone to do the shots, but finds it very intriguing...I must admit..hurting pretty good body is very odd, the base of my skull, and neck, and the shoulder blades, feel as if they have a severe sunburn,,,couldn't even put the bra on today...i told her i had the same effect from the last massage, and she was hoping the same thing didn't happen again, in fact she is supposed to call me and see how i'm doing today..I think she's going to be mortified that the same thing happened again, but that's just how my body responds...i guess it will get easier the more i go...Insurance only covers 10 visits a year, so i will go like every 5 weeks, and she gave me some neck stretches to do in the meanwhile


January - January 18

Hi Peggy - it's really late, just happened to check in here before logging out - so I'll keep this short. I'm so glad you felt the massage helped. The burning skin may be coming from some other issue - maybe the massage releases some toxins in your body? Just an idea. There are other things that can cause that sensation of burning skin. Maybe google it and do some research?

Anyway - about the lidocaine shots. I got mine from an anesthesiologist MD who also did acupuncture. Yeah, they're not standing on every corner! But you might try calling anesthesiologists or pain management people and ASK if they would consider the lidocaine method I described earlier, using a fine bore needle, going slowly with many small injections around the knot and then going deeper in. The lidocaine does something to help break up the knotted muscle fibers, and the massage also helps. You might print out the short article I mentioned by Minh Han, MD and show it. I believe this method may have been pioneered by Dr. Janet Travell - her work is online (she used to work with President Kennedy). I am not sure however, if this is her method exactly. But the lidocaine shots sure worked for me. Lots of small shots, all given at the same time. Several sessions. Also, I was told to rest for 24 hours after the injections - not to do strenuous work, but take it easy. Then about a week later, I would go in for a massage to work on the knots. I think I went for massages every week or two - but not for too long - maybe a few months. Those knots are gone. I do sympathize with the shoulder blade knots - they are SO painful. Hope you can get some relief quickly. Sorry if I've repeated myself - it's late and I gotta get some sleep! : ) Let me know how you're doing!



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