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Should I have surgery on my toe?
2 Replies
fibromite.u.k. - August 26

Hi, I have had pain in my big toe (great toe) for about four years now. It is only when I walk and I don't feel it resting. The podiatrist said that xrays show that bone has grown over my toe joint because the joint is almost worn away and my toe is quite floppy. Over the last few years, I have had to have my shoes built up to make them sort of like a rocker at the end and this has worked and the pain has been ok when walking. However, over the last six months the pain has come back again. The podiatrist says there is nothing more that they can do for me and I have to see an orthopedic surgeon about it next week. My doctor and the podiatrist think that the next move will be to fuse the toe joint which will cure the problem, although it will be a painful procedure and I will no longer be able to bend my toe. I wonder if anyone has ever had anything like this done, or anything similar, or knows anything about it and just how painful it would be? It is very difficult to know just what to do.


mm30 - August 26

hi fibromite, im sorry to hear this!!

when i hear fuse it sends shivers through me. when i was about fourteen years old i had and still have trouble with my hips. a doctor at the time (early 90's) wanted to fuse my left leg. meaning i would have no use of it at all.

My parents were horrified and fought for second and third opinion. needless to say i have full used of both my legs with the help of a prostetic hip ( been replaced twice but doing fine and with very low amounts of pain)

is this the very last resort? have you had second opinion.

i know its a smaller joint ( your toe) but it has an important roll to play in your balance and general movement.

i guess if there is no alternative i would go ahead too.

just thinking to myself, how strange the dont do toe joint replacements...:/

best of luck,



axxie - August 26

Hey fibromite, yes, it's true the recovery is a little slow because of the pain. I have two aunts who had the operation and both said it was worth it to go throug the operation. As for the big toe being fused, it wont cause problems with your regular life.

Get her done, it's worth it.....



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