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should i get diagnosed?
3 Replies
awade36 - December 14

i've had fibro since i was 16, and i'm 18 now. the reason i didn't get diagnosed in the beginning was because i went to a "by the books" rheumatologist who said that the pain was all in my head, and that i MIGHT have adolescent fibromyalgia, which should go away anyway.

well, my mom didn't believe her and neither did i, and sure enough, this thing was here to stay. i haven't been back to the doctor concerning this issue yet, because i just figured they wouldnt believe me again. but now that i'm 18 i feel like i should be "officially diagnosed". thats what my psychiatrist recommended anyway. but ive gone these two years without it, and i dont know if i really need the label.

so my question is, when i go back to the doctor next year, do i tell them about my condition so they can diagnose me, or do i keep my mouth shut? help!


Fantod - December 14

Hello awade36 - Yes, you should get diagnosed. The sooner the better. Go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and ask them for a referral to a fibro-friendly rheumotologist in your area. Good luck and keep in touch.


jacobea - December 16

Hi. I'm the same age as you, and was diagnosed earlier this year after two years of being told it was in my head/i would grow out of it/was caused by being obese. (Actually, as another doctor proved, i was heavy but still in the healthy range, not obese).

I would go back and see a fibro-friendly rhuematologist. As far as i know, there's no such thing as "adolescent fibromyalgia"-nobody mentioned such a thing to me anyway. The symptoms *might* disappear for a while or lessen, as my rhuematologist explained to me, but they're unlikely to go for good. A fibro-friendly rhuematologist can help explain fibro to you fully nd what can be done to help/how you can help yourself. They can really help.

Take care.


13tracy13 - December 19

It is important for you to get a diagnosis that way you truely know if it is fibro. In doing research before my diagnosis, there are a lot of conditions out there that have many of the same symptoms as fibro but cause more damage to a person's body so you want to make sure it is fibro you have and not a closely related disorder.
Also knowing is half the battle, if you have been diagnosised with fibro then the treatments for your symptoms may be different and more effective.
Good luck and when you talk to the Dr if they say it's just in your head, then they do not understand fibro and you need to find another Dr.



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