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shortness of breath
7 Replies
Carol Dieterman - October 5

I have been experiencing a great deal of shortness of breath. Could this be caused by Fibromyalia or do I look for another cause. Is there something I can do about it?


Heidi - September 26

Shortness of Breath is common in Fibromyalgia from what I have read and been told. Have a look in the Fibromyalgia Symptoms pages on this site. It goes into a bit of detail about it.


Jean - September 27

Hi Heidi. There could be other things causing your shortness of breath. I would talk to your doctor if this problem is on going and get other conditions ruled out before you think this is from Fibromyalgia. It could be something else so please see your physician.


Anne - September 30

please, do see your doctor. I have shortness of breath, although it isn't from FMS. It's from severe asthma. Now, i'm not saying you have asthma, but i would see your doctor about this. it could be a number of things.


Heidi - October 1

I dont actually get shortness of breath. I have just heard it can be a symptom :)


CJ - October 2

Hi Carol--I've been going thru the same thing for about 10 months now. I've had FM for 2 years, and last Dec I started having some serious shortness of breath (SOB). SOB is associated with FM, but anytime anyone has SOB or chest pain, docs like to thoroughly check you out to rule out lots of other things. Docs think my sudden onset of SOB last Dec. may have been due to a pulmonary embolism (blood clot that traveled to the lung)--people tend to develop those when they do a lot of laying around (like people with FM!). Interestingly enough, the almost constant chest pain I had for about 6 months went away immediately when I began taking Singulair. It is an anti-inflammatory med for asthma and allergies. I've had to stop taking the med twice (for pulmonary function tests) and both times the chest pain came back and didn't go away until I started taking the med again. The Singulair has helped greatly with the SOB. I haven't had a firm diagnosis of asthma, however, but we're sticking with it for now because it seems to be doing me a whole lot of good. Another thing that is associated with FM is chostochondritis--it is an inflammation of the cartilage that connects the ribs to the sternum. It can cause pretty bad chest pain and may account for your SOB. Go see your doc ASAP to have heart and lung problems ruled out first--that is most important. It is especially important for people with FM since we are more at risk for pulmonary emboli (blood clots in lungs) since we are more sedentary--keep stretching and moving your legs as much as possible even if you can't move anything else! Good luck to you, CJ.


Suzie - October 5

Yep, I've often wondered why, when answering the phone, people would ask if i'd bin running, but I am just huffing alot. Had doctors listen to my chest and find nothing,
and it has not gotten any worse so I figure now it's just part of the deal for me.


[email protected] - October 5

Breathing exercises may help. People with asthma do breathing exercises it couldn't hurt if you are experiencing shortness of breath to do breathing exercises but also check with your doctor to make sure there is nothing else going on.



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