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shortness breath tightness of chest
16 Replies
bratzlover - February 2

does anyone have shortness of breath? or like your chest and neck are tight and you can't get a real deep breath unless you really try? or when you eat, or just shallow it 's real hard to do unless your really try? or your throat cramps? also hands and feet always cramping were you can't walk or write? neck always hurting. dizzy and sick does anyone have these symptoms and what do you do ? thank


Gabbie - February 2

I've have the tightness in the chest and shortness of breath and also alot of, excuse me, burping for the past couple of weeks. Several years ago before I was diagnose with fibro I was tested for reflux (GERD) and also took the prescribed meds. I felt better but then wondered after I found out about the fibro if it was that all along. Have not had this feeling for quite some time but it has now started up again. I'd be interested also in hearing if others have it. I hate to run to the doc every time something bothers me, and am not sure if this could be the fibro or something else. As far as the other things you mentioned, I've had all of them at one time or another and I believe they are all from the fibro.


jacobea - February 2

I sometimes get this feeling like i have a metal band around my ribcage, which can make breathing out painful, whilst at other times i get a sudden urge to take a deep breath cause i feel like i am not getting enough air. Not sure why with either, but doubtless the fibro has something to do with it.


bratzlover - February 2

i do also have the sudden urge to take a deep breath cause i feel i am not getting enough air. and feel like i really have to concentrate to get a deep one. plus the swallowing thing is the same way! thanks least i' m not crazy!


Patsfan - February 25

Yes! I ended having reflux which I have read can be a result of improper breathing ( chest breathing ) for so long. I had surgery for the reflux, my chest pain left, but the breathing problem is still there. I finally found the info that FM can cause this. And it gets worse because I exercise a lot and chest breath more and cause more trigger points! I am suffering and am trying to retrain my breathing with belly breathing. It is hard.


JJ1 - February 26

I have found that my shortness of breath is due to anemia. Make sure you doctors are checking your hemoglobin and ferritin.

Patsfan, what type of surgery did you have for your reflux? Did you have a hiatal hernia?


Patsfan - February 26

I had Nissan Fundoplication. I had severe Acid reflux. It worked, but it probably only tightened the fascia/muscle area around my diaphragm.


JJ1 - February 27

Nissan Fundoplication! I thought you must be joking and made that up, but I found it through google! I also have severe reflux and have been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. When diagnosed, I was told that the options were to treat it surgically or with medications but the doc said the proton pump inhibitors work so well, that most people can avoid surgery. And they do work just fine on me. However, I now have severe anemia and I am highly suspicious that it is due to taking Nexium (a proton-pump inhibitor). My doctors aren't so certain, but it is listed as a possible side effect and you do need stomach acid to absorb iron from food and vitamins. So, I have thought about approaching my gastroenterologist about going the surgical route. Did you have any problems. In my quick googling I saw something about it sometimes preventing belching and vomiting, two things I thought you kind of needed to do on occasion.


Fantod - February 27

Yes, I have shortness of breath. I also find that I have urges to take deep breaths because I feel like I am suffocating. People with FMS have a tendency to breathe in a shallow manner. So these issues are just another "perk" of the disease.


Patsfan - February 28

The Nissen Fundo was the last resort. Meds did not work for me, even in super high doses. I found a really good surgeon that did over a thousand surgeries. I can belch and after 2 years vomited once, and the doctor said the wrap ( part of stomach wrapped around esophagus ) was intact still. It was worth it, but I have heard horror stories about it as well. About two years after the surgery all this FM stuff appear slowly...headaches and breathing problems and then lots of pain etc.


Patsfan - February 28

I have a lot problems breathing, no lung problems. Restricted, and when I am in pain, my breathing gets worse and then makes me anxious and then affects my breathing...isn't FM FUN? I workout a lot and it is all chest breathing and makes more trigger points and more pain. It is a viscous cycle. Sometimes I wake up and have congestion in my throat and lose my voice. It really is all related, and frustrating. Energetically I feel that maybe in our lives we are also being emotionally suffocated ( marriage, work, family ) and that transfers to the breathing issues and neck and throat.issues


sboman - March 14

I have crushing chest pain and feel tight when I breathe deep...did you find out if this is common?


Gabbie - March 14

I'm still having the chest pain and shortness of breath. Sometimes I have a hard time getting in a deep breath. I'm also getting really bad pain right through to the middle part of my upper back. Anyone else with the back pain too?


cheryl43 - March 27

I have Fibromyalgia and Costochrondritis. The shortness of breath comes from the inflammation in the chest/sternum area. It was years before I was diagnosed and I have also had the Nissan Fundoplication which did work for me as the stomach meds were not working properly. I am on an antiflammatory and some pain meds which has helped the chest pain some.


lisa1 - March 29

I too have severe neck pain and chest tightness and have had it for over a year now. The chest pain comes and goes. Sometimes I can go a few months without it but when it comes back it is worse than before. I have had several conversations with my doctor and several test done and they assure me my heart is fine, it is a symptom of FM. The upper back pain between the shoulders can be so severe it does cause shortness of breath for me. The pain is upperback right smack in the middle. Also was told part of FM along with severe neck pain, however an MRI revealed a severly pinched nerve which I am having corrected by an operation. Hoepfully that will get rid of some of this pain. I think sometimes it is hard to tell if any pain is the norm of the everyday pain or something else that may be going on. Always good to get things checked out, because you never do know with FM and it can sometimes mask or mimic other thing. Good luck to you and take care all..


sabu - February 3

My chest pain too comes and goes. If I'm not sleeping well that will be the trigger for me. I've had the chest pain for about 8 or 9 months now. All ECG's and MRI's show fine. I'm going to the doctor next week to ask about it again. I also have Anticardiolipin Antibodies so I have to be careful of clots.


mummylove - February 3

Do you get a tightness around your middle-upper stomach? I think this is whats causing my shortness of breath and from what I read its called a girdle hug? I went to doc and he has ref me to a breathing physio. Do you yawn alot? with your shortness of breath?
That may be of some help apparenly can can learn some breathing exercises help the breathing and chest pain.
Im new to this fibro thing so I hope that may be of some thought. Im sure its a symptom were stuck with tho? :-(




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