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shooting pain
6 Replies
bella007 - December 7

Hi everyone, i have developed a few more symptoms in the last week, I wonder if you can relate. Last night I started to have really bad shooting pain in my lower back , makes me jump each time ,also bad stomach cramps at night and nausea. My husband seems to resent the fact that I am getting more sick again after having a few good days,I feel very alone in this ,he doesn't understand or just selfish!!!!!!


teresat - December 8

Bella it sound kind of like IBS to me. Did you have a bout of diarrhea after? As for others "GETTING IT", well that seems to only go so far! It seems like the people around me are undrestanding for a while, but then they expect you to get better (life it was the flu or something)! I have had people say to me, "aren't you better yet?" I think it is a combination of being a little selfish & tired off hear about it! Your illness impacts those around you. They start thinking about how it is effecting them & maybe they become a little less sympathic! Hope this helps!


bella007 - December 8

Thanks Teresat for writing back, its nice to know someone totally understands.


AmberRose - December 8

you need to tel lpeopel...its like cancer....soem days are good soem are bad....but there still is no cure only ways to treat it.


JJ1 - December 8

One thing very frustrating to me, is that I tend to write everything off to FMS and sometimes it really is something else. You could be having a plain old stomach flu. Or it could be irritable bowel syndrome, one of the many symptoms of FMS. With IBS, I have had shooting cramps and pains. Not really nausea, though. My IBS isn't so bad since I have been on Elavil (amytriptyline) but I still get messed up on occasion.


barbar - December 8

Make sure your doctor is aware of all these sysmtoms. FMS masks many other illnesses and you want to make sure you're not encountering something else entirely. Also, FMS is usually associated with dull, aching pains, not sharp, stabbing pains. You may have a pinched nerve or something else. If you're getting pains sharp enough to jolt you out of bed at night, get to your doctor as quickly as possible and demand an MRI.


CarrieLee - December 13




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