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SHOCKER! H. Pylori symptoms and you
12 Replies
January - February 13

Hi fibro friends. I was just answering a post by kvc, and googled H. Pylori. I stumbled on a site by David A. Hompes in the UK. Then my computer gummed up, so while I was waiting to get back here, I scanned his website. H. Pylori is the bacteria associated with ulcers in the stomach and duodenum - usually treated with antibiotics.

This is interesting! OK, call me psychic, along with sensitive! :)

Under "Question for January" I just posted a list of symptoms Hompes links with H. pylori. I was SHOCKED to read that the last half of the list sure sounds like fibro, CFS etc. He seems to know what he's talking about. His website is a little "sticky" but well worth a visit for information! Google "David A. Hompes" Click on the Symptoms tab and read for yourself!

What do you all think?


Noca - February 13

I got tested for H.Pylori and came back negative but I have many of the symptoms like GERD and IBS that that bacteria can cause.


January - February 13

Hi Noca,

I don't know anything about Hompes, except I found his website last night and thought it was interesting. I believe he claims that some tests for H.pylori are not accurate. And sometimes you don't have "symptoms."

I only recently started getting occasional severe stomach pain, but I have a little natural treatment that works within 15 minutes - Pepto-Bismol, oils, honey and yogurt. I was quite shocked to see that there are many "other" symptoms Hompes links with H.pylori - like chronic fatigue and pain!

Do you have the other symptoms on his list? His website offers information on how very contagious this may be, and a variety of testing methods that he claims are superior. I don't know, but would like to learn more!

BTW, did you know Dr. Oz says Pepto-Bismol kills off H.pylori! Those PPI drugs they are pushing can rot your bones!


Noca - February 14

I rarely use proton pump inhibitors but they work really well on GERD but make my IBS worse though.

I have lots on that symptom list btw.


seedbeads - February 16

I had H.pylori a while back and was treated for it and nothing improved. My doc re-tested me for it a few weeks ago actually and it came back clear, but everything else has gotten worse. My symptoms started some time before they found the H.pylori and only got marginally better on the cocktail they treat it with. If I could have treated it just with Pepto I would happily take that route but I can't keep Pepto down in any form - pink goes down, pink comes right back up. Can't have yogurt either, but I do take a probiotic when I remember. I'll have to look into that some more I think.


Fantod - February 26

January - I meant to respond to this post before. Manuka honey which is an organic product of New Zealand is supposed to kill off helicobacter pylori. You have to be very careful about which brand that you buy - the strength varies wildly. It is not like regular honey. The one that I have is kind of grainy and tastes pretty strong. Its not horrible by any means, just different. Wanted to share this with you. Enjoy the weekend.


January - February 27

seedbeads - too bad you can't tolerate the pink stuff! It helps. Other things I take for stomach pain include: a capsule of flaxseed oil or evening primrose oil; eat tbsps. of organic honey; drink aloe vera juice. Are you lactose intolerant? (Could be linked with a gluten problem!) I also take glutamine - that's supposed to heal your gut.

I liked Brenda Watson on PBS - she is on the web. She is big on probiotics, and has a book out- which I haven't gotten yet. She says take 50 million units a day - the highest dose I've seen at the store is 40 million. She says go for as many strains as possible, and (easy to remember) look for ones that start with L and with B.

Interesting that the "cocktail treatment" didn't help much. Could you share what they gave you? Antibiotics? *sigh* Sorry they didn't help you!


January - February 27

Fantod, thanks!. Could you share what brand you buy? I have never heard of Manuka honey before. You are like an encyclopedia! I keep looking at the jars of royal jelly with honey. I know I tried that - but it was a long time ago, and I didn't notice an effect. Wonder if I should give it another go-round. Though Nature's Promise organic honey seems fine.

I'm using Bragg's cider vinegar and the honey on salads - so far, so good. I read that a lot of "indigestion" is not too much acid, but too little, so the vinegar is good for keeping your stomach pH acidic. As we get older, our stomachs produce less acid, and we need it to digest. (I'm sure you know this. Maybe someone else does not, so thought I'd mention.)

I wonder if H.pylori is just "lurking" in a lot of us, and gets activated when our immune systems are exhausted. If so, taking something natural to kill it seems prudent.

Hope you have recovered from your flu - or whatever it was!


January - February 27

I just went to the site of David A. Hompes, and copied the list of symptoms he says are related to H. pylori. I was stunned, especially by the last half of the list (I added the pointers) which I wouldn't normally relate to ulcers. Also, it is apparently fairly contagious, so you can get re-infected. For everyone's info, here's the list:

"Helicobacter pylori infection can cause or contribute to these symptoms:

Stomach pain
Gnawing feeling in stomach
Acid reflux
Belching and Burping
Bad breath / halitosis
Pain between shoulder blades [
Reactive arthritis [
Chronic fatigue [
Urticaria [
Rosacea [
Sleep problems [
Headaches [
Psoriasis [
Depression [
Palpitations [


Fantod - February 27

January - Manuka Health - Manuka Honey MGO 550 is the brand that I use. It is pretty expensive. This honey is also very good for wounds (albeit sticky)of any kind.

Funny that you should mention the acid problem. I always have a raging case of GERD and take 600 mg of Zantac a day to keep it at bay. I get heartburn from a glass of water. I was just reconsidering trying the vinegar route - too bad I really can not stand it. It will be one of those hold your nose and down the hatch it goes moments - lol.

I'm still not back 100%. I make some progress and then fall flat on my face. I think recovering is like spring - eventually it will get here. Thanks for asking. Take care.


abattagl - April 17

Sorry I'm dragging this back up from the dead, but I was "diagnosed" with Pylori a few years ago after getting ill while I was in Italy. All of my tests came back negative, but taking the PPIs and antibiotics at the same time REALLY helped. MY stomach, however, has never been the same since then once going off of the medications.

I was already having FMS symptoms before I went to Italy, so I wonder if I DID have pylori and got rid of it, did it awaken the stomach problems that my FMS would eventually cause any way? Interesting for me to think about...


January - April 18

abbatagl - hi, thanks for your post on this. I refused the PPIs my dr. prescribed because I read they can worsen osteoporosis - and that it is REALLY hard to stop taking them once you start. Are you saying your stomach never really got better after you took them? How long have you been off them? Maybe something natural like aloe vera juice, Manuka honey, and capsules of flaxseed or GLA oil would help heal your stomach lining?

I never really had stomach problems - just rarely I now get severe stomach pain - and treat it with my natural stuff. I don't know what is causing this, and I am thinking I just ruined my stomach by taking meds over the years and it's very sensitive now. But I had forgotten that I used to have episodes in my early 30s where I'd get very sick for a couple of days - it was a sort of progression that involved horrible stomach pain and back pain that kept me in bed. Then it would just go away. I don't know if I was starting to have brief episodes of fibro back then - or if it was something like porphyria - or a virus.

So I was amazed to learn that H. pylori could cause all these seemingly unrelated symptoms - and that you can easily get re-infected by it. I never connected fibromyalgia to stomach problems (at least not for me).


jtel - November 29

My daughters boyfriend has horrible indigestion and ulcers. Hes 26. He has eaten like the typical american (very unhealthy). He has gone to doctors who have prescribed him the usual acid blocking drugs that treat the symptoms but dont get to the root of the problem. I have done a lot of research and have come to this conclusion. Three things must happen for him to be cured. first the H. Pylori must be killed. Second the good bacteria must be restored to his gut and third his ulcers must be healed. It seems the best way to kill H. pylori is with matula tea and mastic gum but its very expensive. Dr Asa Andrews says it can be killed with Pepto Bismol because of the bismuth it contains. The good bacteria in the gut can be restored by taking high quality probiotics, high quality plain yogurt ( no fruit, the sugars kill the good bacteria) naturally fermented foods like sourkraut( must be naturally fermented with no vinegar, and plain kefir. Stay away from antibiotics they kill the bad bacteria but they also wipe out your good bacteria. I personally have not taken them in over eight years and my health has increased. Lastly to heal the ulcers its recommended to drink high quality aloe vera juice. I emphasize high quality on all these things because there are a lot of crappy products out there. Do your research online for yourself. Diet is very important. Greatly reduce processed and junk foods. Eat small amounts of fresh meat, lots of fresh vegetables, some fresh fruits and whole grains. Eat healthy fats like avacados, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and almonds. It seems that h pylori thrives on sugar and dairy so cut back on these. I hope this helps someone.



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