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Shock feeling in head...
3 Replies
Sandybeach - February 6

does anyone feel this thing in their heads its driving my nuts....just as im bout to drop off to sleep it does it,then im awake yet again.its a kinda sound like a tuning fork....if that makes sense.i tried allsorts to relax before bed.nothing seems to be working.


OnaJourney - February 6

I find Bach Rescue Sleep (original flower remedy) helps me sleep. It is designed to calm the mind, especially where there is restlessness, stress and repetitive thoughts. Who can't identify with those symptoms? It is one of the Bach Remedies; you can search this and other products on line or at your health food store. It is reasonable at less than $20 Cdn.


seedbeads - February 7

I experience that from time to time; when I tell my husband about it, he acts like I'm talking crazy. I have no idea what causes it. I always likened it to someone hitting a hammer against something metal, and there's usually a sensation like a bright flash with it. Its timing is usually horrible. It's nice to know SOMEONE else out there experiences it!


axxie - February 7

Sandybeach, no worries here they are called brain zaps, but you hear different kinds of noise.

What you are describing is 'exploding head syndrome' (EHS. They say it's from stress and extreme fatigue. The condition is more pronouced in women then men. The attacks can be one-time events, or can recur.

To what I was told by my neurologist it may be the result of a sudden movement of a middle ear component or of the eustachian tube, they sometime refer it as a minor problem with the temporal lobe where the nerve cells for hearing are located.

At one time, neurologist thought that it could be a minor epilespy seizure, but when they did tests on sufferers they quickly realized that there was no corrolation with an epilespy attack.

Rest assured, that more women suffer from it and it's very common....



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