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2 Replies
George - January 16

Hi all,

I have done Shirodhara treatment and I recommend it. It is good for headache and sleep.

My improvements:
1. after first treatment that ended at 10 pm, I slept for 2 hours right away. And at that time i was on 200mg of seroquil a night for sleep. I was able to bring it down after the treatment to 25 - 50 mg a night.
2. the headache was greatly reduced.

The treatment should be at least 2 weeks in a row, but since I liked it so much i did 6 weeks.
I was in India and the first clinic didn want to do it more then 3 weeks so I cheated and went to another clinic and did another 3 weeks. I greatly recomend it...


kvc33 - January 17

I've never heard of it. Can you elaborate? Is it available in North America?


George - January 18

Shirodhara is ayurvedic medicine (ancient Indian healing system) treatment. It consist of warm oil running on your forehead from a swinging bowl. The treatment is about 45 min up to 1 hour.

This is done as part of Panchakarma, which are different detoxing procedures. It lasts 3 weeks. Everyday the treatment is done in the morning and the rest you spend relaxing. It is followed by diet and herbal and other supplements.

The treatment is prescribed by the doctor who is monitoring the process.

There are many different schools and protocols. BUT for FM and CFS patients I think it is best we do treatments for sleep and pain only. The other treatments are great too but this approach was done by one doctor and ever since then I do only shirodhara and full body massage for 3 weeks, (or as much my pocket lets me).

It must be possible to do it in the USA, but the price would be as buying a semi-new car... lol...even in India the prices can be through the roof.

Just recently I found out that there are portable machines for shirodhara but are a little bit pricey in euros, yet some people make their own with fish tank pump. I will try it too, but remember that shirodhara is done after one hour full body massage with 2 masseurs, and after shirodhara you get another 20 min head massage.

And an advise, dont let some doctors start "curing" U, this makes me nuts, I kind of tell them I know what I want... You just sleep much better and have less pain, and thats enough for me. But of course it is still with us... you know what I mean...



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