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PEANUT - August 23

Hello again. It seems if it's not one thing it's another. I have been getting these sharp shooting pains in the right side of my head constantly since yesterday afternoon. Needless to say I slept very little which certainly doesn't help. I have, on rare occasion, experienced this in the past but never for such a long period-it is relentless.My eyes and nose are watering as I type, due to the pain.To top it off, I am to start a 2 week prescription for Maxeran for my stomach issues and have a gastroscopy set appointment for the 19th of Sept. One of the 'possible' side effects is headaches so I really don't want to take it but then my stomach suffers.UGH!!!Right now I feel like I am going crazy!Has anyone experienced this shooting head pain? If so what helps with it? Ibuprofen does not even touch it. Needless to say I am also going to put off the gall bladder cleanse that I was going to try. Anyway, any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated! As always, along with my own, I feel 'your' pain!!!


Jocelyn - August 23


I am sorry to hear about your troubles, but you do need to see a doctor as soon as possible. I don't want to scare you, but my MIL had an incident with the pain that involved her eye and nose etc. and she was having a stroke. Not that you are, I'm just saying don't put this in the same bucket as everything else Fibro falls in. Have it checked out! My MIL eyes still water to this day and she gets pain from the damage, but she can massage it and if feels better.

Please see a doctor for this pain.

Get well and best to you always.


fibromite.u.k. - August 23

Yes Peanut, do visit your doctor asap. It could just be a sinus problem or even an extreme migraine, both of which can be helped quickly, but it could be something else. Don't wait and let us know how you get on.


Jocelyn - August 25

Please let us know how you are feeling.


PEANUT - August 27

Thank yous for your concern. My head is much better in that the stabbing pain has ebbed and is not constant. I have had a few episodes in the past but where it only lasted maybe a couple of hours and the shooting pains were not as constant. I was told it's likely some form of migraine (which I am not sure as I really don't consider it a headache but rather shooting 'pains' as opposed to 'aching') or it could derrive from dental pain which I seem to suffer from but when I go to the dentist nothing is found. Anyway, now that I started my 2 week run of Maxeran for my stomach issues, the 'rea'l headache has set in - a 'possible' side effect, which for me 'possible' always seems to mean 'definite'. Anyway, I really don't want to take the stuff but I am schedulded for a gastroscopy come September and the doc instructed me to take the stuff for 2 weeks to see if it makes a difference. So far, I, of course, feel worse because of the drowsiness and headache, and I am belching pretty much as ever. I really want to try the gall bladder cleanse but there's no point while I am on this med as I will not know, should I feel better, if it's the cleanse or the med. |But after the gastroscopy, if my symptoms persist, I am probably going to go ahead with the cleanse. I am really struggling between the worlds of 'traditional' medicine and 'naturepathy'. I always feel that when I take medications, that I am poisoning myself. Anyway, that is where I am at now. I am going to go lie down now with my wrap around heated pad and wish this headache away - wish me luck and I wish you all some TLC!


Aggie69 - November 1

Hi. I know the type of stabbing pain you are referring to! I have FM and have experienced this on and off for many years. For me, the pain always occurs in the same place (behind my left ear) and is sometimes so bad it takes my breath away and I have to stop what I am doing. Because of this, it can be very frightening and you do initially panic whether it is the beginning of a stroke or other serious ailment. It does not follow a pattern. Sometimes I can go for months without experiencing it, then the pain will reappear and I can have it numerous times a day for a few weeks. One doctor told me it was to do with the muscles around the jaw going into spasm, another that it was something called an 'ice pick headache'. I do suffer from migraines and also grind my teeth at night, so wonder whether there is a link. It sounds like you are suffering from something similar. As said, I have been told by doctors that it is nothing to worry about, however, it might be best to pay yours a visit for peace of mind.



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