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Wycklochness - October 25

No Questions. Just sharing. I was diagnosed about 8 weeks ago after about 7 years of unexplained hip pain, which got progressively worse to the point that a day out on my legs became a chore. I also started to get the Vertigo feeling, along with feeling foggy. My specialist did all the tests associated with elimination, and then called me back in for a chat. Yes I had FMS, please take this tablet every night, promise me you will see your own doctor in 2 weeks, and good bye.

Firstly, I was shell shocked! Secondly, I was put on anti-depressants and thirdly I felt like I had been pulled in twirled around and spat out of that consultation. No other information was given to me and really I had no chance to ask that specialist even a question.

Well.....I resoved not to take the anti depressants, and I endeavoured to find out as much as I could about FMS. This forum being one of those which has been a tremendous help.

I started an elimination of foods process and also modified certain areas of my life. In my case after 3 days of changing my diet, I had relief in my joints, and now 8 weeks on, I only have a mild pain in my right hip, more noticable if I put pressure on that side of my body. I am sleeping a little better, and although I work all over the State I am managing to not stress out, and pace myself.

I am now on a Gluten Free diet, which I have found very easy to adapt to. Along with the change of lifestyle. It works for me, and perhaps for the first time in many years I am really looking after myself as well.

Still its early days, and I do have odd days where I really just want to curl up and do nothing (and I do), but if it hadn't been for the likes of this forum, and other web sites and books and a conscious decision on my part, I would have been a sad and sorry mess because a specialist sent me home with no information, just a pill.

I check this forum every few days, and find that it is a great support.......I admire each and every one of you that contributes to it......its about being being open and in many ways by doing this I feel you are very strong and determine I said early days for me, but I wanted to share my story. And..thank you for letting me share yours.



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