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Shakyness and weekness
7 Replies
Vickie - April 1

Is this part of fibromyalgia?


hdf - March 11

I'm not sure, but I have the exact same syptoms and I was diagnosed with FMS several years back.


stephen - March 21

if a person is shakin but isnt cold n isnt burnin up what could eb wrong with them


kerri - March 21

that's how my diagnosis began. took almost a year of those symptoms and others to get diagnosed


AKFlyfisher - March 24

I call it a tremor, my hands shake at rest on the keyboard almost like I have parkinsons and is worse when I dont get good sleep and overstressed. Hard to tie knots when the fish are biting :0)....... I also break out in a sweat by hardly doing anything, just bending over or squatting I start to burn up and doctors cant explain it.


[email protected] - March 24

thesa are also the symptoms of low blood sugar, hypoglycemia, which is sometimes a component of fibromyalgia. i read an article which stated that many fibromyalgia patients may have blood sugar levels which fall into the "normal" range, but the blood sugar may be too low for that individual, hence the symptoms of hypoglycemia.try to avoid sweets, they only make it worse. a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of orange juice may help when this happens. it's worth a try. or then again, the problem may be from something else entirely. make sure your md is aware of ALL the symptoms you are experiencing, so that you receive appropriate treatment.


Sara - March 24

I find it interesting that no one mentioned it could be a nervous system disorder. It is comon in FMS because of the over active nerves. The latest info from the experts say FMS is far more of a nervous issue than belived before, how ever I used to think the shaking was insulin related. I've always been border line hypoglycemic. Further the new drugs they are developing for Parkinsins turns out to be benficial to FMS patients. I thought that was cool. I've been following the development of that one for years because it could be a FMS drug in the future. See the connection?


Jean - April 1

Could be



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