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Severe thigh muscle and hip pain
2 Replies
sfcstudent1227 - April 25

hi, i am a 26 year old female. and for the past nine months i will have periods of time when i have severe pain in my entire thigh muscle and all the way up to my hip bone. this happens for a few days and then doesn't happen again for months. the past three days it has been doing it again but this time is by far the worst. i can not sleep at night because to lay down is like physical agony. it feels like someone is ripping my thigh muscle in half. if anyone has ever experienced anything like this please respond back. i am desperate, in horrible pain, and i go to college and it is finals week so i need some relief........


Fantod - April 25

I am going to guess that you have bursitis. I have it in both hips and shoulders. The pain you describe sounds like it but it could be something else.

You need to be treated for this as it can be very persistent. In the interim, try eating fresh pineapple which has an enzyme that helps break up the inflammation. Eat as much of it as you can stand on a daily basis. You can also go to any decent health food store and buy a tube of Arnica gel. This is a natural anti inflammatory remedy which should make you more comfortable. Make sure you read and understand the directions.

Bursitis is nothing to ignore. Once it gets started it is really difficult to stop or control. Watch what you eat - deep fried foods and lunchmeat (nitrates) will make it worse. The weather changing can also be a trigger. In my case, inspite of PT and other treatment, mine is better but has not gone away entirely. I urge you to see an orthopedic doctor ASAP to determine if it is the problem and get some help. Take care.


fibromite.u.k. - April 26

Hi, I have had pain in my hip and right down my leg, foot and toes off and on since I was fifteen years old. I wasn't diagnosed with fibromyalgia until about three years ago but I am certain that I have had it since I was in my teens. I am now in my fifties. The pain varies, between very mild up to excruciating. When it is at it's very worst, I just don't know what to do with myself as it is so painful and it makes no difference whether I stand, sit or lay. It is so very difficult to walk when it gets so bad. I used to think it was sciatica, but now it think it is more likely to be all part of the nerve pain of fibro, as pain killers don't help that much but lyrica is the best help for it. I did see a physiotherapist for some time about ten years ago and he gave me some exercises to do with helped, mainly stretching my leg up and out to the side and hanging it off the side of the bed. They have helped when it is very bad. I have also found that a tens machine is a help when nothing else will ease it. It is an awful sickening pain, so I really feel for you. I think you should tell your doctor just how bad it is and see what he/she suggests. I know this isn't much help, but I do feel sympathy for you.



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