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severe stomach pain !!!!!!
7 Replies
TRACIEDC74 - March 19

does anyone else have severe stomach pain, like trapped gas that feels like your having a heart attack? it even hurts in my back, neck & shoulders. i have this pain at least 2 or 3 days a week and its so bad that i cannot even move! any suggestions?


axxie - March 19

Traciedc74, they could be trigger points in your abdominal muscles, abdomen filled with gas, they feel like muscle contractions, burning, fullness, bloating and swelling, mid-back pain, ah don't forget the nasea. Apparently they respond well to circular massage, tennis ball acupressure. Depending where they are they can cause chest pain similar to angina pain in the gut, loin pain as in a kidney.


belle1329 - March 19

yes, I do get that now and then


peachmelba - April 17

hi there
yes i have severe stomach problems but i also get problems with eating certain foods that cause the pains aswell. i can belch for england some day's. my partner say's its not normal to have as much wind as i have, but until i releases it it gives me severe pain on the left hand side under my ribs, also in my chest and under my armpit.
take care let me know how things are going.
peachmelba uk


JOEGIRL - April 18

Tracie, yea, I get that gassy bloated in my stomach sometimes . I figure its the meds and certain foods I eat. IT sure is bad when I have those days, even worse when nausea kicks in to.I take a couple gasx snd it does seem to help somtimes.Drink a lot of water seems to make it pass on thru quicker to me.
Hope you are feeling better now


Gabbie - April 22

Yes. A definate gassy, bloated feeling and sometimes very bad stomach pain. I also have IBS which can be part of the fibro and can also give you those symptoms. Try to stay away from gassy foods, carbonated sodas and if you aren't, at the risk of getting too personal, you need to stay "regular". Could you be lactose intolerant?


seekinghelp38 - May 6

Hi Traciedc74,
I took have these same symptoms, just recently diagnose with Fibro, and suffered with this for the past 12 years. I've taken everything under the sun to eliviate this, and I really haven't found anything to help me. But some of the postings do make sense though. thanks.


gucci - May 6

hi,yea i get that feeling regularly and the pain feels like im having a heart attack and i cant settle and the trapped wind is terrible also the pain in my back i have tried avoiding certain foods and drinks but no difference.ialso get pain in the collarbone area,hope you feel better soon



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