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Severe Spasms or Cramps in side of Rib Cage?
64 Replies
Coraleemc - July 17

I started having the muscle cramps in my rib area as well as over my heart. It scared me because i thought I was having a heart attack or something. Are the charlie horses in that area a symptom of fibromialgia? I saw my doctor about them because they had been going on for almost 3 months and she just passed it off like it was nothing.


Fantod - July 19

Costochondritis is very common with fibromyalgia. Many people with this problem mistake it for a heart issue. It can cause estreme pain and muscle spasms in the rib area. I have muscles spasms in that area as well. I take 825 mg of Malic Acid twice a day and calcium with magnesium and boron to keep my muscles relaxed. That helps quite a bit.


wwhitfor - August 2

I know exactly how you feel. Up until only 6mths ago, did my fibro progress too my ribs. All around my ribs they are sooo painful. No one can even put any pressure there. I have noticed my memory is horrible as well.


JOEGIRL - August 2

I have cramps in my side every now and then but too bad. I have had then for so long I just figured it was staying in one position too long.Like sitting or standing too long.? Guess its just another fibro thing . I should have known.


srpierce - August 18

Yes, KAP, I suffer with cramps and spasms in my rib cage, and they occur with sneezes, coughing, laughing, turning sharply, or reaching out to pick something up. They are very, very painful, and I have not found anything that really helps. Sometimes, I have to go to bed, stretch out and try to allow them to ease. They are debilitating. srpierce


Nola - August 19

I also take Ultra Muscle Ease - Magnesium Powder.
- recommended by both an Osteopath and my Rheumatologist...It can help ease some of the muscle spasms. A word of warning - when starting on Magnesium remember that the bowel is a muscle, so introduce gradually!
I also get similar spasms - particularly when sitting at my desk at the computer....However, always better safe than sorry...if they are so severe you "Flop around like a fish" you really need to check out - sooner rather than later.
It is hard not to blame everything on Fibro.


katrinalove_1 - September 20

Hi Kap, The dr. I have now has given me injections in my hips and knees and I feel much less pain. I am going to see if a injection into the rib cage area will help the spasms. I don't know yet if he can do the injection. I will let you know after Oct. 6th. my next appointment. My dr. is a rheumatologist/neurologist. Hope you get some help with your pain. Sincerely, Katrinalove_1.


katrinalove_1 - September 20

Hi Kap, I have had these rib cage spasms for at least twenty years. They are so painful and until now I have not gotten the right treatment. My daughter and I both have fibromyalgia and the rib pain. We are both disabled from it. Again I hope we can all get some help for the pain soon. Sincerely, Katrinalove_1.


katrinalove_1 - September 20

Hi Coraleemc, I have the same pain in the same areas and it took me twenty years to get diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Yes you have the symptoms of the syndrome. My daughter has fibromyalgia also and has the same symptoms.


ckosciel - September 20

The spasm I experience most often is right in the zyphoid process area. Feels like the muscle is knotting up and only is relieved by forced relaxation. No explanation from the doctor. Get checked out to be sure.


katrinalove_1 - September 25

Hi Kiley, I am also between stage 3 & 4 of kidney disease. I have swelling in legs and bloated a lot. I have to take diuretics every day. I also have fibro and terrable rib cage cramps and have had them for years. They seem to last forever. My fibro has gotten much worse this past year. I am getting injections in my knees and hips. The next time I see my dr. I hope he can help me with this rib pain. My daughter has fibro and also has the rib cramps. She said that acupunture helped her. Also I developed neuropathy in my feet a year a ago. This is from the kidney disease. I have terrable pain in my feet and burning. My dr. is a rheumatologist/neurologist. Take care of yourself.


belle1329 - September 25

Yes I get that often, I just contribute it to the fibro.


Michie - September 29

I feel for you. I just had one of those horrible severe spasms two days ago. I was flopping around on the floor sweating like a pig and I couldn't breathe. The pain was a burning horrible pain in my chest and wrapped around my rib cage. It felt like my lungs & Chest were on fire and being squeezed tight. My husband thought I was having a heart attack. It was the worse spasm I have had to date. I have had the spasms while I was out shopping,I had to drop what I was doing and carefully hold it together so I could walk to my car, then cry out in pain until it subsided enough to go home. It is very scary. I wish I had an answer for you on how to stop it, but I don't. The only thing that helps me is to try to stay calm and breathe through it. I actually came to this website to look for some help myself. If I hear of anything that will help us I will pass it on. I am here for support....we all need emotional support from people who understand.

One tip: look up Costochondritis - it is the condition that causes the rib and chest pain we feel because of FMS. This could be what you have, ask your doctor.


suziequick71 - January 28

yeah I just started getting them My stop me in my tracks I cant move...mine were so bad last night I punched the wall it cracked it's paneling. so someplace on here I noticed it is one of the symptoms of Fibro


suziequick71 - January 28

costochondritis? are these over the counter meds or do you need a script for them?


ptalana - February 7

Hi susiequick71,from what I've learned Costochondritis is not a medication it is a condition. Costo is an inflammation between the rib cartilage and the sternum or breastbone. This causes the extreme pain, when it's followed with swelling it's then referred to as Tietze syndrome. Costochondritis is definitively linked to Fms, and treatment is normally in dealing with managing the pain. Anti-inflammatories are used primarily when dealing with the pain. But due to the medications we take with our Fms, anti-inflamatories are not an option for us. There are a few things we can do at home to help, one of which is applying heat, and light moderate exercises such as water therapy, and to avoid anything too strenuous such as heavy lifting. Costo tends to go away on it's own, but can reoccur.
I personally haven't found anything to alleviate my symptoms. But mine is exacerbated by my scoliosis and the rib hump that has developed in the same area. I do apply a heating pad to this area when I can stand the pressure, the heat does tend to help.
Definitely discuss all your symptoms with your doctor.
Sending you gentle hugs, Patty



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