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Severe Spasms or Cramps in side of Rib Cage?
64 Replies
beth - March 6

i do has anyone else


Jean - March 7

What you are experiencing is the ramifications of this disease and ou need the right doctors to et you through this. No one wants to see a psychiatrist but I beleive they help the most at least the right ones do.


Amy - August 29

Well, yes! I have been having them lately and have been wondering what they were from. i was recently diagnosed with FMS...are the cramps part of it???


lola pop - August 30

that is MYOFASCIAL PAIN. see this link to learn more :


R.S.Hagen - September 5

I used to get real bad spasms, they would radiate back to front, like they would cut me in two, I found they were related to my IBS, the spasms coinciding with bowel spasms. Like having a baby, I used Ice packs on my ribs, took muscle relaxers and drank lots of water to flush my body, sounds odd, but it works, the thing to remember is what your were doing or eating that triggers them, them quit that. I also get other spasms in the front of my ribcage under my bust line, like having your chest in a vise. ?? haven't figured that one out yet.


Kylie - September 15

i do and as i am in 4th stage kidney disease 5th being the most sever i have had to cut out all salt from my diet, since doing so i have also experianced the same cramping pains as you have discribed my self thinking the first time that i was having a heart attack.
My Doctor is excellent and has also put me on the ultra muscle ease magnesium powder i found that it works really well and tastes great too


colind - January 7

I have it too. I agree with whomever used the term "carlie horse in my ribs"
Excruciating pain. Could be imbarassing.
Last week it happeded so bad that it bruised me . What is it ? I've been told it from drinking , but dont think so.


AzGal - January 20

Yes! I get spasms and cramps on both sides. It is so uncomfortable and difficult to deal with at times. I take Magnesium Malate and Mangosteen Juice. It doesn't get rid of them completely...but I don't seem to have them as often.


Fantod - January 21

Has anyone considered costochondritis? This causes pain in the rib area. I have muscles spasms in that area as well. I take 825 mg of Malic Acid twice a day and calcium with magnesium and boron to keep my muscles relaxed. That helps quite a bit.


GCC - July 2

I have these quite often. They are muscle cramps and they can be quite debilitating. If you don't stretch the muscles, it just keeps getting tighter and more painful until you think your ribs are bound to crack. I have a lot of craps in other places as well (toes, foot, calf especially). I'm wonderiong if it could be a side effect of medication. I know diuretics keep you from retaining potassium. I take Micardis HCT, Avodart, Nexium, Niaspan and Crestor regularly. Does anyone else with these cramps take similar drugs or have the other cramps as well?


ides of march - July 3

This very thing kept me from going to work one morning and into the week later too. I still haven't been back since 9-19-06 i finally gave in and filed for SSID and I have 2 doctors backing me up. It isn't just for the rib pain though, It's for 90% of FMS symptom and depression. SSI turned me down but I have a lawyer for the appeal. It is a very long wait though, can't work so I have to keep waiting for my turn in front of the judge. 16 months and still waiting. Sharon


hellogoodbye - July 2

heyy, i have the same problem. i swear the first time i had a spasm it was soo horrible. i couldnt move or anything, i just layed there motionless taking little breathes until the pain subsided. then i sat up and took a deep breath to see if the spasm was really gone. i used to get them every once and awhile. now its everyday. they last for only a few seconds but it kills! i dunno if i have fibro. im going to see the doctor soon. any pointers on what to ask about? thanks :)


RavenFax - July 2

I keep a "fibro" notebook now lol. It may help to list your symptoms include little things that you may think is normal. I thought my IBS was normal for me for years! also include any testing you have had done and the results of those tests. It took 4 yrs from the true onset of severe symptoms for my Doctor to add it all up. but I never listed everything in one shot. List medications you have taken for each diagnosis and how they worked or didn't work. And be descriptive with your symptoms. IE... the pain is so bad I can not button my shirt, tie my shoes...

Hope this helps


michelle J - July 5

I had this happen about five years ago the doctors told me it was some muscle condition I couldnt move at all without tears ripping out of my eyes they put me on vicodien for three months four times a day . I have just recently started having it very mild .


stfluffybrain - July 12


Just joined, hoping that by now you have it sorted. With me it is Osteomalacia. I have low vitamin D from ages past and now low calcium and hi alk phos. Get tested anyone with bone pain and also have your PTH tested.
This is particularly important for people with hypothyroidism and women around the age of menopause.
Vit D is getting more and more prevalent, or perhaps it never really went away just went undetected for a long time because while it wasn't producing the old 'rickets' any more it was still causing nasty symptoms and Drs never thought to test for this.

good luck


Coraleemc - July 17

I started having the muscle cramps in my rib area as well as over my heart. It scared me because i thought I was having a heart attack or something. Are the charlie horses in that area a symptom of fibromialgia? I saw my doctor about them because they had been going on for almost 3 months and she just passed it off like it was nothing.



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