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Severe Spasms or Cramps in side of Rib Cage?
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KAP - September 15

Just wondering if anyone experiences severe spasms or cramps in the sides of their rib cages or in the back rib cage area. Sometimes I get such severe cramps/spasms I flop around a fish out of water. I am always worried this will happen while I am at an important meeting for work.


Jean - November 4

Honey, it sounds like you need to get in to a doctor ASAP to have this checked out. Hope all is well but don't wait to long.


Laura - November 7

Hi, Kap: I get a burning pain in my rib cage, back, and chest. The doctors ran more tests than I knew existed, then said it isn't my heart. Nevertheless, I'm glad they did the tests so I don't have to worry. Another possibility--work related stress in addition to the stress of having fibro? If so, there're many things you can do about it. Either way, I'd have a doctor check it out. Laura


Jennifer - November 11

YES! At this moment I'm experiencing rib pain as well..I donno what it is but it's a sharp pain.


Suz - November 12

I've been taking a sports formula/strength Magnesium powder for the spasms, and it's been very helpful. A decent Naturopath will recommend a suitable brand. I live in Australia and take Ultra Muscle-ease. It's great.


Ruth - December 1

I get severe painful spasms in middle of back just below shoulder blades, pain goes to front ribs , can't breathe, get spasms when cough, sneeze, blow nose, getting up from sitting position or sometimes just moving slightly ..Do I have Fibromalgia, doctors say it is arthritis, and want to prescribe pain pills, MS medicines, Physical therapy, etc., what is it and what can I do


Jean - December 2

Have you concidered looking into Myofascial Pain Syndrome. This might answer some of your questions, go to I also found this site it makes for very interesting


Jessie - December 3

I've had something similar to what you're describing and was diagnosed as having the "blebs." Essentially the air sacs in the lungs get temporarily stuck shut and it can be completely debilitating until it passes. It isn't picky about what part of the lungs it affects either, so it's almost like having phantom pains in the ribs. You really ought to get a doctor's opinion just in case. Better safe than sorry!


Jean - December 4

blebs: according to my dictionary is a gathering of fluid under the skin forming bumps that are smaller than normal blisters.


Elaine - December 12

Have had severe rib cramps for several years now.on both right and left sides.If I laugh suddendly or turn to quickly I am sure to be in alot of agony.I relate the pain as a severe "charley horse"in the rib muscles.Was dignosed with Fibromyalgia.


clickevans - December 15

I have been having these cramps in and around my ribs for about two years. The first time it happend I thought I was having a heart attack. It can happen any time, doing anything. When I reach for something or laugh real hard or just turn my body. Its very painful like a really hard cramp you get in your leg. It will hang on some times for a couple of minutes and I wonder if its going to stop. I have found out if I bend over from the waist like your going to touch your toes it subsides faster. Its embarrasing sometimes depending on where I am at.


Jean - December 16

It could be a combination of tnhings like Fibro along with Myofascial Pain and osteo.


Melissa - January 10

I've had those "charley horses" along the side of my ribs. Wow is it uncomfortable. I just had my thyroid removed in March, and I think my meds still aren't quite right. I've found if I remember to take a daily multi-vitamin it seems to help somewhat. Not sure exactly what causes it though.


Jean - January 11

Helo Kap: I think you got some good advice here, what do you think or do you have any other concerns for your doctor.


tom - February 20

i have the same problem when reaching for something, or driving and turn to sharp. wish i knew why, it kills my ribs


Mist - February 21

I've had these sharp pains in the ribs since i was a child they progressed as I got older, in callege they got so bad at times my vision would go black and i would hold my breath. But because i had them so long I simply learned to stay still..very still hold my breath close my eyes. and wait for a few seconds usually the worst would pass then I woul walk away( in private ) an do so light breathing then deep breathing exercises. I was diagnosed early on with J.R.A junior ruematoid arthritis. As I got older the doctors think some of flare ups may have been fibro related. I was so unknown then that it wasnt even an option. I take caltrate twice a day lots of water this really does help with spasms but you have to keep up a regiment and do some slow stretching at a regular time every night after work so you have some down time for pain after. which I use a big warm blanket a cup of green tea( which has sooo many heaing properties you just cant imagine) and veg or watch something funny, or read.


beth - March 6

i do has anyone else



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