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Severe rib/tummy pains, please help.
4 Replies
purplerainbow - February 15

Hi i am new here so this is my first posting so firstly nice to meet you all.
Since Christmas i have had severe pains all around my ribcage which spreads all over my tummy causing alot of bowel problems. I constantly have awful wind pain, nausea something terrible and keep getting dreadful griping pains and the runs when i eat anything.

I have seen 3 Doctors who just keep telling me i have a "another bug"!!! I am now so worried there may be something else wrong the stress of it all is making me worse.

My tummy is constantly gurgling and i know it starts from the ribcage.

I have suffered from FM for so long now i know when something else is wrong. I also have ME as well.

Where do i go from here as i am crying writing this as so worried about it all and in so much pain.


ptalana - February 15

Hi purplerainbow, and welcome:) Your symptoms are very similar to what I experience daily. I've been to gastro specialist and had every test/procedure known, the result is Ibs (irritable bowel syndrome). This is a condition that is related to Fms. I also have a hiatal hernia, as do many people. I take pantoloc for my symptoms and this has helped me tremendously.
The pain I experience in my ribcage is from Costochondritis, another condition associated with Fms. I also have developed a rib hump from my scoliosis. Unfortunately because of the meds I take for the Fms I can't take the prescribed meds for the Chostochondritis (anti-inflammatories).
You mentioned seeing 3 docs for your symptoms, can I ask what were these doc's specialties? were they aware of your Fms?
I'm sure you are aware that many of us fibro sufferers experience many, many food allergies. Many of us have to avoid white flour, fried foods, processed meats(these contain nitrates), certain fruits, dairy products many of us are lactose intolerant. My advice is to read up in the blue boxes on the left side of your screen, knowledge is power. I would gather as much of this info that applies to you and take this with you to your doctor. This should help your doc be able to figure out what's going on and how to treat. In the interim you can try the elimination diet, which is eliminating certain food groups to find what you are able to tolerate, and avoid those that you can't.
Do you see a fibro friendly doc? are you seeing a rheumatologist? These are imperative in treating your Fms. Also what meds if any are you taking? As some of these meds do have a negative effect on your gastric system, as well as, your liver.
I know this has been alot of info and many questions for you, sorry about that. I hope it has helped a little. What I've found that helps with the nausea (till your able to see your doc) is peppermint tea, and black licorice (not the sweet kind).
I look forward to getting to know you better. Take care, and sending you fibro hugs, Patty:)


iliveinpain - February 16

Hi purplerainbow and welcome to our little family :) IBS is very common with Fibro. I live with it daily as well. Stress and certain foods are going to make it much worse. After the holidays this past year, I had such an extremely bad case of nausea that I was really starting to worry something else was going on. When I went to my massage therapist, she found a spot in the middle of my back that was referring pain and that queazy feeling I'd been getting for days. I think it is all connected somehow, and if your doctor is being so dismissive with you, it may be time to shop around for someone new. I have an appointment with a new doctor in a few weeks. I was referred to her thru my gyne. She said she is somewhat more enlightened when it comes to treating this disease. I'm hoping for the best. I've been to so many different doctors in the past who just don't 'get it' and think it's all in my head. So I know how disheartening it can be when you can't seem to find the kind of care you need and deserve. At least you can always come here for advice and moral support, and even sometimes a few laughs and smiles. Hang in there, we're all in this together :)


purplerainbow - February 16

Thankyou both for explaining all this too me as i do suffer from IBS but its got so bad these past few weeks i just thought something else must be going on.

I have an appointment with my old Rheumy who discharged me two years ago as he told me he couldn't do anymore for me. However i rang and spoke with his secretary yesterday and told her about all these new symptons and she gave me an appointment on the 1st March this year but i paid private for peace of mind. I was even told i did'nt have to be referred by my Doctor.

I have seen so many Doctors with this over many years and none of them really know how to treat this. I can't take any pain meds at all as tried them all and reacted very badly with them.

I am looking at my diet and eliminating certain food so will see how i get on.

Oh and i have read up on Costo as think i do have that as well.

Not having a good day today, lots of pain and nausea again but thanks again for the advice and the lovely welcome.

Bye for now J X


Fantod - February 16

Hello and welcome to the group. It sounds like IBS to me. The fact that have seen 3 doctors who have not diagnosed it is ridiculous. And, I agree with ptalana that you most likely have costcochondritis too. You need to find a gasto specialist who knows IBS when they see it. Call your local hospital physician referral service and ask them for a recommendation to a specialist with an interest in IBS.

Somewhere along the line, you may have developed some food sensitivities too. This is not uncommon among people with Fibromyalgia (FMS). I just found out that I am gluten sensitive and that my immune system goes berserk when exposed to green food colouring, garlic, black and green tea among other things. While you are waiting, why not try eliminating dairy to see if that is part of the problem? I have a raging case of GERD and since I switched to almond milk (any decent grocery store will have it) things have improved. You can also buy lactose free milk and see if that affects any change. The gastro specialist will have to run some tests to rule out a number of things.

Not much can be done for Costochondritis. Some people swear by heat, others cold packs. I use a sports rub to alleviate some of the discomfort. My bra is optional depending on how much pressure I can stand on my ribs. You just have to do what works.

Take care and let us know how you are doing.



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