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severe knuckle pain - need help
8 Replies
contradiction14 - March 2

I was finally diagnosed with fibro about 4 months ago, and I'm working on a CMP diagnosis now. My rhumatologist is on leave right now. and my normal DO is unsure how to help me. I have been having joint pain in my middle finger middle joint for some time. the joint seems to be swollen but not the finger. Yesterday my middle joint felt dislocated and this morning the joint at the bottom of my finger was so swollen and painful, I cannot open my hand. If I force my finger straight, the pain in my forearm is unbearable. I am prescribed Alprazolam for muscle tension, but my memory got so bad I had to stop taking it because I was forgetting VERY important things at work, and got in a lot of trouble. I take 600 mg Ibuprofren and 1000 mg Tylenol as needed. I also take B 12 and flax seed oil. Any ideas? Anything would be appreciated.


Noca - March 2

You should have your finger checked for an infection or allergic reaction by a doctor. I dont see why FMS would cause a single finger to hurt and swell and not the others, but then again I dont know much about FMS.

Maybe try Celebrex for your joint pain? I know it helps my joint inflammation.


contradiction14 - March 2

Thanks =). I'll talk to my DO about it at my next visit.


Fantod - March 2

I agree with Noca - FMS does not cause swelling like that. You need to get this checked out ASAP. Something else is going on that is causing this problem. Take care.


bbass - March 2

Maybe you could try glucosamine and chondrotin.(sp?) It helps with inflamation. Even though many say that fibro does not include inflamation, in my case it seems too. It really helps me. Hope that helps.


Canada17 - March 2

It sounds like arthritis to me. While Fibro doesn't cause inflammation, it can aggravate issues.

I have arthritis in my right hand. Most days it's not bad enough to require medication but some does I cannot move my hand without severe pain. I injured those joints though...I got really mad at a boy when I was 18 and punched a wall. I thought it was just drywall, turns out there was concrete directly behind it, I fractured my knuckle.

Now, I know that my Fibro is making that injury flare up. Did you injure this one finger at any point? That could be the reason it is the only one affected.


contradiction14 - March 4

My pointer and middle finger middle joints have been randomly dislocating on both hands for a few years now. I don't get any notice, just can't bend it out of no where. Then about six months ago, this happened to my left hand but just the middle joint, and lasted for a few weeks. This has never before caused pain. Now my hand is shaped like a claw, my fingers are ice cold, and you should see how funny it is to try and type like this =).
I stopped taking glucosamine and chondroiton about a year ago, because I read that glucosamine can make chronic myofascial pain worse. Even though I am still waiting for my next rhumatology appointment for solid confirmation on that diagnosis, all other possibilities have been ruled out.
I can't seem to find anyone in any fibro discussion room who has both. Nor is finding info on it easy. Does anyone here have both? I'm at wits end and would love to find someone like me to talk to.


ptalana - March 6

Hi contradiction and welcome. I have developed arthritis in my left hand following an injury, and experience this pain and swelling that you have described. Opening and closing my hand, typing, drying my hair, have all become increasingly difficult. I also experience forearm splints (much like shin splints)these can be excruciating. Sadly I haven't found anything other than otc topicals that help albeit temporarily. I also use heat to relieve the pain, hubby got me these mitts that can be heated in the microwave. Unfortunately due to all the other meds I currently take anti-inflammatories are not an option for me.
Let us know how things go with your next appointment.
Take care, Patty


LadyHaelach - March 7

i have fibro and psoartic arthritis.. its a pain in the butt when a new pain shows up.. trying to figure out what is the trigger.. which condition does it fall under.. like i said on another post.. for my hands.. I use a cream/gel called Traumeel...I use it every morning.. I wake up barely able to even get myself dressed.. i use the cream and makes them more useable.. most days I can barely make a fist.. very frustating.. so please know you arent alone.. feel free to email me if u want to talk



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