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alivenotliving - February 20

I am experiencing another bout of extreme insomnia, like the bout I had with it when I was first diagnosed with fibro almost 15 years ago. This is the worst thing I have ever experienced...far worse than the pain to me :( I CANNOT sleep at all no matter how exhausted I am. I haven't slept in the night more than 10-15 hours in more than a week. I am restless and can literraly feel my limbs jerking and wanting to run a mind races out of control from one thing to the next...even stupid song lyrics, worries, random thoughts that are weird to even think about when I am trying to go to sleep. I have learned some relaxation techniques, and try them and nothing is working at all. I get so frustrated that I have to get up: and sometimes it has even upset me to tears. I get out of bed and read for a bit or write for a bit until I feel very tired...but when I lay down it starts all over again. I am terrified to take a nap in the day because I am worried about not sleeping in the night. Amatriptyline does not work for me...I have tried to take OTC sleep aids and those are not working either. What should I ask my doc for and how do I ask her to get me something without looking like I just want some drug? I don't even take anything for pain right now because I lost my job in June 2010 and I have no insurance so I take the most inportant of the drugs to me; my depression med. It's all I can afford...and I am more afraid of the depression than I am the pain :( I don't know what to do but if I don't sleep soon I feel like I am going to lose my mind!


kvc33 - February 20

I have been on an allergen-free diet for 8 weeks and for the first time in 16 years I can take naps and fall asleep at night without taking gravol to put me to sleep. Have you been eating a lot of sugar lately? That can really disturb sleep. How about chocolate or caffeine. It sounds to me like you might need a tranquilizer or other sleeping med though. I don't think your doc will think badly of you for asking for something to help you sleep. Just tell her what's going on! Being overtired leads to even greater sleeplessness so if you can nap during the day right now I would do it. It also sounds like you may have Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD) or may be having a bad reaction to your depression med. Sometimes a med will work well for years without side effects and then all of a sudden you can get hit with a bad one. See your doctor.


Noca - February 20

1 in 3 Americans have a sleep disorder so I'm sure your doc won't mind handing over some script for generic Temazepam. It's dirt cheap. Ask him for it and say that you need it cause its all you can afford.


sleepingin91 - February 20

I know exactly how you feel. I go through periods of such bad insomnia that OTC sleeping meds, strong doses of Temazepam and Valium won't even make me sleepy. Next time I see my GP I am going to ask to either get stronger medication (which I doubt she will as I am only 20 and it seems like no one likes giving young people sleeping meds) or to go to a sleep lab or see a specialist and find out what is going on!



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