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Severe IBS
5 Replies
tnichel - May 7

Does anyone deal with severe ibs with vomitting? I've been on a soup diet about 2 months and have had every test under the sun to make sure I don't have anything else going on like crohns, celiac's. I had been managing my ibs without meds up until thanksgiving. That's when the severe nausea and vomitting started. The doctor prescribed welchol before each meal. Is anyone else taking that? I go back for a checkup next month. I still have the nausea but at least the vomitting stopped. I didn't know ibs could come with vomitting. It's worse if I don't anything all day until the evening but I dont' really have an appetite.


axxie - May 9

Hi tnichel, sorry about you being so out of it, with your ibs, you can be really sick.
Its embarrassing, nerve-wracking situation when you are not home, you need to find a restroom pronto.

Watch out for coffee, alcohol, spicy foods and sweeteners. Drink loads of water. Maybe taking a fiber supplements remember that the only way they will work is if they're taken with loads of water - otherwise they'll just block you up even more. exclude wheat and gluten-containing foods such as pasta, bread and cakes (remember that if you see a significant improvement after cutting out gluten you could also try excluding citrus fruits, dairy products, excessive sugar from sweets, chocolates, as well as things that affect even healthy guts.

I had to cut out every food that I love, and go to the most basic food group, before being able to figure out what my problem was. I also found if you are taking medication for asthma and you don't rinse your mouth well, this will give you ibs.

Maybe you just need to chill out, and stop worrying about everything and let go of the trying to be too nice to people, if you are anxious and nervous and try to always aim to please it will get your gut in knots and your ibs will give you so much grief.

Hope you find what is wrong, tnichel, please let us know, if valuable information for all of our ibs problems.


Fantod - May 10

Funny you should ask. I've recently had a bout of IBs that included vomiting. I've been under a high level of stress which I assumed brought on the vomiting. I have IBS from time to time but nothing major. Things have quieted down so my symptoms are pretty well gone. If it happens again, I'll be off the see the doctor.


Gabbie - May 11

The IBS has kicked in for me along with all sorts of other fibro symptoms. Stress triggers it and often change of seasons which seems to bring on a lot of the things associated with fibro. Although I don't actually have the vomiting, I do real very nauseous and sometimes lightheaded. My doc prescribed Librax for the IBS. It stops the awful cramping and slows down the running to the bathroom.


tnichel - May 11

I haven't noticed being more stressed lately. But I have notice the uneasy, anxiousness is back. I thought that was due to the stomache problems but maybe not.

Thanks for the responses and suggestions. I did feel better when I cut out the bread, flour, milk and cheese products.

I forgot to mention that I have been awakened several nights by what I think is heartburn. I usually take a few tums and then sleep sitting straight up. So uncomfortable but when you're really sleepy you'll try anything. Anyone else have that symptom? What do you take when it happens? It happens sometimes even when I eat bland foods all day and if I don't anything well before bedtime. Just when you think you got it all figured out, a new symptom pops up. Just lovely.


Gabbie - May 11

tnichel, the heartburn could be acid reflux which can be caused by stress, certain gassy foods, coffee, carbonated beverages, etc. Along with the IBS I have reflux as well. I have found that when one acts up, the other follows and I think it's all linked together with the digestive system. However, if it continues, you should see a gastro doc who may want you to have an endoscopy (a look-see down the esphagus). It sounds awful but it's really no big deal and it will show if you have irritation due to reflux or GERD.



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