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Severe headaches n fibro,,
6 Replies
Sandybeach - February 12

Thought i might write a log as seem to be getting worse with my headaches.its kinds to the left side of my temples.Ive tried everything im wondering if anyone has got any good natural remedies i could try,as anything that gives me the slightest relief is worth a go.DR has given me numerous things to try,to no avail,ive tried the cool patches and they are good but ony temporary.dunno what to do next.Makes me think the head pain is something more quite worried..xxxxx


Stacey373 - February 12

Hi Sandybeach - My one major complaint has always been headaches. I'm pretty sure I've tried anything and everything possible to get some relief. I've spent years trying to figure out that "one thing" that's causing it and eventually figured out that it wasn't just one thing, but MANY. (I also worried that it could be something more serious)

There's a lot of possibilities of what could be causing your headaches. One of those is TMJ. I never paid much attention to this because I didn't think something as simple as TMJ could be so severe....I was wrong! TMJ can cause major pain in your jaw, temples, neck, shoulders, and even down your arms.

When you add stress or tension to can be even worse. Unconsciously your muscles tighten up, and for me, I clamp my teeth/jaw down or nervously bite the inside of my cheek. If you feel around your temples and bite down, you can actually feel the muscles you are using to bite down with. Try doing it and see if that's where your pain is coming from. Usually those muscles are swollen on me.

what I've learned is to first, try not to get stressed out, which is totally impossible! So I try to consciously NOT bite down and stop myself from doing it when I do realize I'm doing it. The other thing I do is I'm constantly rubbing my temples, jaw, and neck to keep those muscles some-what loosened up.

The other thing I do is take my pain meds as a "preventive" thing and not just because I'm already hurting. keeping the pain meds in you will help and when it comes to headaches....once they start getting bad, there's not much you can do to stop them. In other words, Don't wait for the pain to become bad enough for you to take the meds, take them before it gets bad.

I guess that's all the "knowledge" I can think of for now. I'm pretty sure I'm leaving a bunch of stuff out, When I think of them...I'll write you again! LOL I hope this helps you even a little, Stacey :o)


kvc33 - February 12

There are so many different kinds of headaches, that trying to figure out which type you have is half the battle. If they are occurring on a daily basis it may well be something that you are eating, drinking, smoking, or taking on a daily basis. I suffered for years with sinus headaches that became migraines without figuring out that it was a side affect of one of the meds I was taking. Or, it could be a chronic muscular or postural problem. See a chiropractor or sports medicine specialist. Take a look at all meds and supplements you are taking and google your specific symptoms to see what comes up. Get tested for food allergies too. Have you ever been to a massage therapist and had certain areas that were very tight or trigger points?


Sandybeach - February 12

Thanx....great to hear that bit of advice just been laid on the bed with cols compress to my head.damn head feel like i cant smile anymore my head hurts so much.and yes i do tend to clamp my jaw is that the tension and the reason why we do it?yes i rub my temples all the time and im sure people are fed up of me moaning bout my headaches.if we havnt got one thing itsa another,i do spend a lot of time sat at the laptop tho,and sure this could be a major contribution to always taking head pain relief long before i get the headache.thanx a million for ur advice xxxxx


Fantod - February 12

I agree with Stacey that TMJ could be a big part of the problem. You should also be watching your chocolate, alcohol and caffiene intake which will also trigger headaches. Feel better and take care.


January - February 13

Hi Sandybeach,

If you are really suffering badly tonight, you might want to check in at the ER. IV meds can really help a terrible migraine.

I don't know if you are having migraines, they are usually one sided, affect the temple and eye area and radiate from there. You asked about remedies.

I used to get monster migraines and the only drug I could handle was Compazine, which you can get via IV at the ER. One of my doctors gave me Compazine suppositories to keep at home, and they worked very well. But beware, this is a heavy duty drug, a major tranquilizer, and can interact seriously with other meds, so your doctor needs to know EVERYTHING you take.

For natural remedies, there is an herb called feverfew. It worked well for me, put me to sleep, and helped with the pain. I know several migraine sufferers who have been helped with it. HOWEVER, it made me feel a little strange, so, as with any substance, check with your pharmacist first and research it online too, to make sure it isn't going to interact with any drugs you are taking!

A third remedy I know for migraines is a couple of Advil and some caffeine.

But if you have a very bad headache, worse than usual, I'd suggest you go to the ER tonight.

Take care.


George - February 16

You should do all medical checks to rule out clear leads, if the pain is new. Yet if you have years with it then its not, don t waist your time doing tests.

The only thing it help my headackes that are ruling my life is Shirodhara, you can check my thread, I posted it in January...



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