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severe depression, hopelessness
5 Replies
moodyme - May 11

This is my second post, I posted yesterday in the “hi, im new thread” my depression is severe, the mood swings are very bad so I can relate with you gabbie. Stress is very bad for us fibro patients & I am under tremendous amount. I have had what I call “nervous breakdowns,” horrible gut wrenching crying spells with such heavy feelings of hopelessness. Cold sensitivity is one of the fms symptoms, showers use to hurt me in the first few years that I began having symptoms, but not as much any more. My hands & feet have been so cold starting this year in January when I got sick for 3 1/2 weeks. Every spring & fall my fms is always at its worst as well are the migraines. I think I have whined enough for awhile, I better quit; b4 I do, a quick shout out to fantod thank you sooooo much for replying to my post yesterday:)


toots2889 - May 11

Ive read your post from yesterday,and now todays.
The first thing Id sugggest is getting back on your meds. The meds were givin to help you with your fibro,and help to give you some relief. I think thats one of your biggest issues at this time. I to suffered from terrible migraines but my dr. put me on topamax and now I hardly ever get one. We all go through flare ups and yes they are terrible. Ive been in one for over a week, but i just keep reminding myself that its gonna end. If anyone can help, the people on here can as i was alot like you over a year ago. I hope this helps. Take care, and may you find peace soon.


Noca - May 11

Hey moodyme,

I've struggled with severe depression and fibro for the better part of the past 5 years, and dysthmyia for 10 years prior to that. My depression is currently in remission, why I'm not really sure. I basically stay on anti-depressants at all times. Are you on any? I also take Vitamin C supplements everyday to make sure I never get a cold on top of all this hell. Hang in there.


Fantod - May 11

Welcome back moodyme! We all have our moments when dealing with Fibromyalgia (FMS). You really do need to get back on your meds as toots2889 suggested. I don't know how old you are, and presuming that you are female have you ever had your hormones tested? They can certainly contribute to mood swings, migranes and trouble controling your body temp. The thing to remember is that you are not alone. This is a pretty good group of helpful folks. You can rant, cry, ask questions and someone will try and sort it out for you. Hang in there - better days are coming.


adriean - June 13

I was in the same shape even to the point of fallking down and after tons of meds I finally found one for me. Ask your doctor about wellbutrin, it is mainly for depression but is also used for other things such as pain. I've been on it for one week and have been pain free for 3 days. However what works for one might not work for another my doctor told me to try this med and it works for me. Talk to your doctor and get his insight on wellbutrin


julissarodriguez - June 13

Hello Moodwyme,

First of all, I would like you to know that I have depression episodes all the time since being diagnosed with FMS.. youre not alone ok? If you ever need to talk, you have all of us here. We can all relate, we have all been or are going thru the same thing. I just started posting here a few days ago, and I feel like I can finally talk to people who understand, and dont judge me. I feel so at peace knowing I have all of you out there, so please dont feel that youre whining. This disease is horrible. I often have crying spells myself, especially when I feel that this is so unfair.. I ask myself why me? I have always been the one to help others, and never harm anyone or anything, and yet here I am stuck with a disease that not only has no cure, but a disease that many people think is in our head..
The only good thing out of this, is that i have found alot of supportful friends on this site.. a huge family who understands me, and knows what i am going thru..we have to all stick together and help each other thru this.. when one of is down, the rest of us will help the other up.. and vice versa.. ok? So, when ever you feel like talking, or venting, by all means do it.. it will help you feel better after I promise.. we are all here for you.. promise...




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