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Severe Back Pain
3 Replies
lisa1 - February 19

I was wondering if anyone is having severe upper back pain that runs down arms. I am also having pressure in my head but not all the time. I was diag with fibro last year, but these symptoms has just recently begun to be more severe than usual. Thanks and hope everyone is well.


JJ1 - February 19

I can't tell you if your new symptoms are due to fibromyalgia or something else. If they continue, bring them up to your doctor. I do know that over my 8 years with fibromyalgia, I have symptoms that come and go and change in intensity. Right now I have been having some of the worst IBS that I can remember ever having and I really haven't had much of a problem with it since I started on Elavil. If if continues another few days, I will probably get it checked out, but I have been under a lot of stress so I am assuming it is just another flare-up. I hope you feel better soon.


JoniB - February 20

Hi Lisa. I am having the same problems along with severe neck pain. My Dr. took X-rays yesterday & discovered I have a pinched nerve and a little arthritis. I am scheduled for an MRI March 5th. Both of these procedures were required before I go to the pain management clinic. I will know more after my next Dr. visit. I've had fibro for a decade.


Fantod - February 21

I have fluctuating pain in my shoulders and arms quite regularly. I can do any repetative task like unloading the dishwasher, folding clothes, vaccuuming without my pain level going off of the charts. I also get quite stiff. Some days things are not too bad. But, I always have some degree of discomfort. I have had diffiiculty getting dressed or having any pressure from straps in those areas as well. As I said, this all comes and goes. Ask your Doctor for a prescription of Ketaprofen which is a topical pain killer that does not get into your bloodstream. I use this on bad days - it is really effective. Best of luck to you.



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