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Sensitive Female Sexual Problem
4 Replies
chloe3 - March 26

I am new to this website. I was diagnosed ten years ago with lupus and fibromyalgia. One year after my diagnosis, my doctor detected ovarian cancer and I underwent a radical hysterectomy. I'm fine now--it has been 8 years since the cancer and I'm loosely considered a "survivor," although always on the lookout. My daily problems are very much like many of you--daily pain and fatigue, as well as low-grade fevers, falling, dropping things, memory loss, etc., etc. I'll cut to the chase, as hard as it is--please except my apologies for publishing such a personal question. (You know it must be important to put it in print!) During sexual relations, I find that having an orgasm almost isn't worth the enjoyment due to the pain it causes (in addition to the "normal" pain) afterward. Sorry everyone...this is such an awkward subject for me, but I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I cannot think of anything to alleviate this situation. I have yet to discuss this with my doctor because of the sensitive nature of the subject. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Wonka - March 31

It sounds like you have vulvadynia. I don't know what the solution is but it is quite common for some women with fibromyalgia to have this symptom. Hopefully someone else who experiences this will chime in with some advice.


pfulton - April 24

I agree with all you have said and have the same problems. I don't have any answers, but having a partner that is aware of your condition is helpful. Sometimes the position can be helpful. Maybe not as exciting and becomes mundane, but laying on your side can be less painful. I suppose everyone is different and you would have to experiment to see what is the best position for you to have less pain.


Amethyst Angel - May 21

I have flareups of Vulvadynia every once in awhile and my doctor gave me some lidocaine to apply in that area. It helps a bit. I also tried biofeedback and kegel exercises. Those are certainly worth a try if you want to feel better.


sbrennecke - June 1

You may have Interstitial Cysititis. I had the same symptoms, and when it got to the point of tears and scaring off my husband of less than a year, I received diagnosis from my physician. Fortunately for me, she had just been speaking with a Urologist, who told her about the disease. Nothing life threatening, but nice to be painfree and tearfree afterwards now.



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