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Sense of smell
7 Replies
Gabbie - October 8

Does anyone have a stronger sensitivity to odor? I smell everything including stuff I'd rather not notice.


JJ1 - October 8

You know, I haven't thought about it before, but I do have times when I seem to notice odors more, usually bad ones. Or I become overwhelmed with someones cologne when that didn't used to bother me much. don't know if this is a FMS symptom or not. Oddly, my husband has lost most of his sense of smell -- he used one of those zinc nasal inhalers -- zinc can destroy your olfactory nerves. At first his sense of smell was 100% gone but some of it is slowly coming back but he usually doesn't notice when the dog needs a bath!


nburnett5 - October 8

OMG, yes!!!! thought it was just me. wow thats really weird. Yesterday in fact, I was smelling the whole family cuz I couyldnt figure out what that smell was.. Maybe its the meds. Im on LYRICA N CELEBREX


Gabbie - October 8

nburnett5, You really made me laugh with your comment about the whole family. I work p/t in retail and when a customer comes in and walks by me I detect an odor, not necessarily for lack of deoderant, but just a body smell. But to me it's not pleasant. I can also detect food smells on people and other ones I won't mention. I guess maybe it's just part of this fibro thing. I'm new to this forum but I've posted in a few places and already it's helping me to know that there really are others out there with this same awful disease, if that's what we can call it. Thanks for responding.


sunglo - October 9

yes..yes..orders are so stronge anymore..even perfumes bother me..then the loal noises and i could go on......


Gavin - October 15

Yes sickening and unsettling odours seem stronger but I think they do to everyonewho feels sick in anyway.

Our sense of smell tells us, hey this is bad for you stay away, especially while you are sick.

Chin up :)



Robin1237 - October 20

Yes. Chemical sensitivity here. It's due to an immune system that's overworked from fighting a bacterial infection called Lyme disease. Go read at When I went on clindamycin antibiotic, wiithin one week many symptoms went down, including the problem with smells.


tnichel - October 26

yep. and i'm very particular about smells in my house. I keep tons of candles and sprays b/c of this. And my brother lived with me for a year and I couldn't stand the locker room smell. At work I go crazy b/c of all the perfumes and hair sprays.



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