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Semi-new and need some help, please?
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Cassiel - June 10

Hi axxie and all I've spoken with/or not spoken with. I'm a new FMS patient just this yr but have
a wild history of immune disorders. Axxie, bless your heart, will you please read my original thread titled "history of immune disorders" and let me know if you have heard of this many conditions all at once? I feel like crap most days and have to be careful of the combination of medicines I take. I recently began going to a "wellness center" for metobolic issues and they do have other patients with FMS. The trainers are young and don't necessarily understand all I'm feeling but I also tend to push myself. Last week I worked out my arms on Mon and Wed and had the WORST flare-up. I was out of my mind with pain.
My arms felt week and it hurt to even brush my hair. With RA these symptoms are exacerbated in my
hands as well. I'm thinking I need to slow way down but I'm dealing with steroids and am scared to gain anymore weight. I've gained 23 pounds in the last yr. I met with a dietician and am mostly
following her plan, (she specializes in fibro)
but it just seems like too many carbs. I feel bloated, jiggly! and uncomfortable. I also have Addison's so I need extra salt to stay hydrated.
Anyway, enough of me but where do you get the vitamins you speak about, Materna? And why those
in particular?
Thanks for your time, help, comments and suggestions. I appreciate the website.


chaplin - June 10

Materna is a prenatal vitamin. I was not able to handle it - gave me horrible stomach aches. We have it in Canada but I am sure you can find it or something similar in the States. Since I had a horrible time with this particular brand my dr.recommended that I go to my local health store and find something that agreed with me better. It was the iron in the Materna that effected me so much. If you have stomach issues like many of us with FM it may be helpful to know that there are other options.
good luck (:


axxie - June 11

Hello again Cassiel

The vitamins I spoke about are sold in the US and Canada, just go to your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacy to give you a multivitamin for a
prenatal vitamin. The reason I recommend is the are a complete vitamins and minerals wise.

As for the bloating and jiggly feeling is too much carbs and not enough water. Try cutting back a bit on the carbs and add more water and don't forget to buy yourself a pro-biotic in pill format, follow as prescribe in about a day you should start to feel much better.

: )


axxie - June 11

Hi again

Steroids, do help and yes, they tend to make you bloated. If they are only giving you the steroids for a specific time, then I would not worry about the weight gain, with time the weight (some of the puffiness will dissipate). But I do understand about the weight gain. I would not push the physical activity to the point that you are sensitive to the touch. We tend to forget that our muscles hurt. The wellness centre is knowne to be able to help people with fibro, and yes it's true physical activity is good for you, you will need to take a cautious approach and slow down a bit.

If you are feeling that everything hurts, and are not giving you anything for the pain, I would suggest you take benadryl this will help you with sleeping and the flare ups. Take two benadryl to sleep and the next day after your physical activity and you want to wind down, just take another one. I find I like benadryl better to take the edge down and will take away some of the puffiness away from the steroids.

Keep me posted girl, I do believe you are doing the right thing for yourself, just have to give it a chance, even when it hurts and you are feeling sorry for yourself because you have gain some weight and you don't want to have anyone touch you.


Cassiel - June 12

Thanks for the help and feedback. it's

The steroids are here to stay due to Addison's Disease. I never believe in doing anything half-a***d so I have 3 illnesses that contribute to fatigue,pain,weakness!!! Your right about the
physical activity. I slowed it down today and cut back on the weight training, specifically in my arms and I feel much better today.Thanks for the info on benadryl. I'll try that.

I also cut back on my carbs and really watched portions and since I LOVE water, I'm good with that. I have to say, it's a better day. Sleep is
key for that.

Thanks also for the feedback, knowledge and compassion. It's nice to know we all understand each other and don't have to look for justification and or validation.


axxie - June 15

Hey Cassie, one thing you should take is vitamin a and d. Yes, I know the sun will give you most of what you need.

But guess what one one post I just read, someone put the two and two together and when I started to think back, it's true, vitamin a and d will help you with the flare ups, and the pain. Just make sure that those vitamins are taken individually and not part of your multi vitamin.

See if it works for you and let me know.


Cassiel - June 15

will do axxie, thanks.



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