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Self-medication Question
4 Replies
Bobbi - January 12

As many (most?) Americans, I have no medical insurance, so I have self-diagnosed my battles of itching (deep leg muscle itch [I would scratch absentmindedly and leave huge bruises on my thighs--started 15 yrs ago]), sleeping disturbance (sleep study showed 112 wake-up episodes in 6 1/2 hours of sleep 3 yrs ago), hit-by-a-truck muscle pain and stiffness (within 5 minutes of sitting down I am stiff and in pain when I move--began 5 yrs ago), and brain fog (forgotten words, lose train of thought, bought the same thing twice, and forget to take my antidepressant so often I only take it 2-3 weeks out of 4!) For a year I was on Celebrex because my hip hurt so much and it helped (haven't slept in a bed for 5 years; I use my recliner) but I stopped this summer when I was unemployed for 2 months. I have since begun taking Vitamin A (1600 IU daily that I usually remember to take when the pain comes back) and almost all the pain is gone. I still can't sleep in a bed, but at least I have relief. But for the brain fog self-diagnosis is recent. Just as other people were told, I was told it was "all part of growing old" (I'm 52 now). Does anyone know anything about CoQ10 (coenzymeQ10) for brain fog? There's been new research done on it in connection with fibromyalgia. Is there anything else out there that doesn't require an Rx? I DO NOT want to become the proverbial "absent-minded professor" with post-it notes all over me, but I feel I'm heading there!


Jean - January 8

Hi Bobby: I know or go along with delf diagnosis. You seem to have some problems and experimenting with alternative medication without the support of a doctor can be dangerous to your health. I would see what help you could recieve through the health department and social workers if you are having trouble with jobs as such. There is alot out there on what to do but is it the right thing to do? You need to ask yourself. Sorry I couldn't be of much help but you need to look for a doctor, a Rheumatologist or psychologist, there are programs out there that will help.


Bobbi - January 10

Thanks for your concern, Jean. I have a fellow instructor at the college where I teach as a guide. She is a holistic healer. I will go to a medical physician if I feel I absolutely must take some form of drug to function. At the moment, I am not suffering the pain as I was before and I am free enough to organize my life around my shortcomings. for now. I have spent thousands of my own dollars on blood tests, allergy tests, lyme disease test, sleeping disorder test, CAT scans, an MRI. Sorry if I'm not keen on letting others experiment on me and charge me for it anymore.


Jean - January 10

I understand that. Good Luck.


Juanita - January 12

You say Vitamin A helps your pain? For brain fog, I found that Gingko Biloba helps. The COQ10 is suppose to be good in helping to keep your good cells built up and help build up immunity defense, as I understand. I take COQ10, calcium magnesium, which is suppose to be good for relaxation/pain, and I just started a multi-enzyme that is suppose to give you the acids needed for digestion and helps to prevent gas build up cause IBS. I read that the medicines we have to take, such as antidepressants, muscle relaxers, etc., decrease the number of acids in the stomach needed for digestion. I started using yesterday before every meal and I didn't have the gas build up. Didn't help with the constipation yet, but at least it relieved the gas buildup in my stomach and colon. When the gas buildup is not there, my lower back doesn't hurt as much. It still hurts, just not as much.

And don't be ashamed of taking notes down in a note pad or post its. I did it and still make notes. It's better to have notes than to not remember what we need to remember. Hey, even people without fibro take notes and use lots of post its.



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