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Seems like I get new symptoms every day....
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Lee2010 - December 30

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a joyous Christmas. I'm sitting here in pain as usual and am noticing new symptoms almost every day. One of them is a bruised feeling along the top portion of part of my shin bones. I don't think that they are shin splints, they just feel like deep bruises. The other new one is an outbreak of some sort on my face. I have hard, white bumps all over my cheeks and a few around my face. One of them came to a head and it was actually a hard, white ball. Fortunately they are still hard to see unless I am in a certain light and people are looking for them, but I am worried that they will become larger and more noticeable. On top of this, it's been a couple of months of all kinds of new pain issues. I have a bulging disk that has pushed on my sciatic nerve bundle which has resulted in pain from my hip to my foot on the right side with numbness in my foot. I have had two spinal epidural shots and am about to have my third and final one. I am combining this with p/t and have upped my meds for break-thru pain. I have also had increased pain in my ankle from two breaks and a surgery to remove shattered bone fragments. The pain has been increasing and I just had a ct scan. Turns out I have severe arthritis in my joint and will most likely end up having another ankle surgery to remove the joint and fuse it together permanently. Apparently this will get rid of all of my pain, but I'll have to learn to walk with a stiff foot. I feel like a walking train wreck and just felt like I had to vent to all of my fellow sufferers since I don't want to continue whining to my family all of the time, although they are incredibly wonderful and supportive. Sometimes I just feel like the buzz kill at a party - you know what I mean?

I haven't posted in a while, but you all have been so helpful to me in so many ways. I have gotten a lot of info that I've been able to use personally and some ideas for talking to friends and family that has been very successful in helping them understand things so much better. Like I've said before, I am incredibly lucky to have a very supportive family, and friends who are there for me whenever I need them. But it's so helpful and such a stress-reducer to come on to the site every day and know that I'm not the only one with these strange, annoying, painful symptoms.

Thank you all again for being here. This site has helped me immensely and I appreciate every one of you so much for your honesty and willingness to help each other.

I wish for all of you a healthy and pain-free new year. We can always keep a positive attitude and hope.....

Hugs to all of you!



It does sound like you have plenty of other health issues. Do hang in there and keep your head up. DO NOT give up. I know I feel like giving up quite a lot, but I have a beautiful 8 yearold baby girl that keeps me going.

I would definitely make sure your doctor is aware of ALL Of your problems.. Make sure they can PROPERLY take care of your needs..

For the BUZZKILL at the party.. Totally agree with how you feel. It takes very understanding, loving, supportive people to understand what we all go through. I have lost a few friends because they just did not understand that I can't go party, I am in pain like all the time, and I have to watch what I do...

So, you aren't alone. Hang in there and I hope some of the pain lessens for you. PAIN IS MY WORST ENEMY!

Take Care



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