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Seeking Beta Testers
14 Replies
Tspringer - August 15


I have not posted here in quite some time, but I do keep up with this board as much as I can. My wife is a frequent lurker as well. She has Fibromyalgia and has been fighting it for 8 years.

Fibromyalgia has had such a monumentally negative impact on the lives of not only my wife and I but our 2 kids (age 8 and 12), I decided almost a year ago that I was no longer going to sit back and do nothing.

I am a business man and entrepreneur, not a doctor. I am not going to conduct research and devise a cure for Fibro no matter how much I would like too. But what I can do is enable each individual who suffers from this life crushing syndrome by giving them the power to better understand what they are fighting and arming them with the tools to wage the best fight they can.

Over the past 8 months I have had a team of people working on an online web application designed to assist people with managing this syndrome.

I cannot get into lots of details in public as yet, but we are nearing production and I am seeking 10 individuals who suffer from Fibromyalgia who would be willing to help with this project. This would involve participating in some online meetings, reviewing and providing feedback on prototype models and participating in beta testing the application as it moves toward public release.

I am not seeking money... I am not trying to sell anyone anything and I honestly believe participants will benefit from the experience.

Fantod, who has been very active on this board but is currently (temporarily I am sure) away has been working with me on this project since March and her efforts have been a great help. I had planned to ask her to post this request but have done so myself as she is indisposed (Fibro...).

If you are interested in learning more about this, please email me at: terrycspringer at

Thanks and I hope I have not stepped on any toes posting this!



Fantod - August 16

I can vouch for Terry. Anyone who is interested should not hesitate to contact him.


Tspringer - August 16

Thanks Fantod... I hope you are feeling better and making some progress.

Please email me when you can. :)



kvc33 - August 17

Have you considered whether or not your application will be useful for people whose primary diagnosis is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with secondary fibromyalgia?


Tspringer - August 17

kvc33.... yes, I believe it will.

Email me and take a look, then you can tell me. :)



axxie - August 18

Terry, if you are seeking I would be very interested, I have fibro all 18 points and feeling fine at the moment. I have a varied interest in Fibro since I suffer from it and try to find which vitamin/drugs combination along with food and excercise to see what hels most.


Tspringer - August 18

axxie... please email me: terrycspringer at

I will send you some more details. I hope to setup a gotomeeting with several people either thursday or friday evening so I can go over a mockup and review all the core functionality.

I appreciate your interest!



kvc33 - August 19

I wish you well with it Terry, and I hope it brings you the satisfaction you are looking for. As for me I am no longer trying to get better. The disappointment, cost, allergic reactions and shattered hopes are more than I can bear. My lot is life is to simply be grateful for the basic functions that I have left such as sight, hearing, and mobility.


Tspringer - August 19


Come on.... that's just silly. No longer trying to get better? I don't even know what that means?

Seriously - "Trying to get better" What does that mean to YOU?

Going to doctors? Taking various drugs? Trying different dietary supplements?

All of the above? None of the above? Mix and match from time to time?

More importantly, how do you know what is and what is not working?

Do you have a consistent documented record of what you have tried? Can you tell me.. EXACTLY... what symptoms you experienced and their measured severity, what treatment efforts you utilized, the theory and objective behind each treatment effort and what your measured results were relative to your symptoms for the 3d week in February of this year? How about carried forward from there through today?

If you do not know where your starting from and you have not defined where you want to be, specifically, then how do you expect to get there?

Your lot in life is what you make it. You owe it to yourself to fight and if you keep at it you WILL "get better". That may not mean cured or 100% Fibro free but "Better" is definitely doable. Fight smart, not just more. And don't quit.

Honestly, if quitting is what you were really going to do you would not have this posted here. Just the act of posting here is effectively participating in an online support group which IS an action that can help you get better. So see... you ARE trying to get better. So email me and take a look at what I am working on. If nothing else, you will have met someone new and given yourself something to think about.

I will make YOU this promise. This is just for you. Email me, take a look at this and give me some feedback and regardless of what you think of it when it goes live I will grant you unlimited access for as long as you want to use the system at no charge to you - ever. So there- you really have nothing to lose, ever, from taking a look.

Besides, I am a funny guy and you might laugh at me which is fine.



kvc33 - August 19

Hi Terry, your post sounded accusatory but I won't let that bother me. You and your wife have chosen your path and I could call it silly but I won't because it is your journey and no one elses. People want to get well because they think that that will bring them happiness, when if fact there are many people who are healthy and miserable. I know other people who are very ill but positive and grateful for what they have. I'm not saying that trying to get well isn't a good goal to have just that putting your whole focus on that is self-destructive. There is a universal law that says that the more you fight something the longer it persists! I have no desire to try to be a perfect scientist or documentarian although my memory of what I have tried and who I have seen is very good. It's a beautiful sunny here and I'm going to go out and enjoy it and not worry about my illness.


Tspringer - August 19

I am sorry you found my post to be negative toward you, my intention was quite the opposite.

I do wish you the best of luck.



kvc33 - August 21

I wish you the best of luck also Terry. I wish that for everyone no matter what path they choose. I am going through a severe drug withdrawal right now and dealing with two mental illnesses that were brought on by the drug withdrawal and that is all I can handle right now. My doc says it will take a year for me to recover but I have read that the brain damage I sustained may be permanent. I am at 3 1/2 months now and it is only slightly better.


Pikespeak - August 23

I am one of the FMS folks involved in Terry's beta test. If you want to be in on the ground floor of something that will help everyone with FMS, contact Terry today! This is very exciting!


Fantod - August 25

I hope that some more people will consider joining this project. It is very interesting and should prove to be very helpful.


Tspringer - September 27


Checking back in - progress continues. I will be doing another online overview of our system later this week. If anyone is interested in taking a look please email me. The more feedback I can get from folks with Fibro on this the better it will be. No obligation... I am not trying to sell you anything... and I really do think this is something that has the potential to fundamentally change how many people approach treating their Fibromyalgia.

terrycspringer at





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