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seeking a specialist
8 Replies
[email protected] - August 12

exactly what specific specialist do i ask to be refered to now that my gp has ruled out ibs,crones and my colonoscopy result shows no sign of either?


higirl - July 20

A Rheumotologist


lindybloo - July 20

i must be refered to a rheumotologist who if you have fibromyalgia will have no problem diagnosing it. keep ur chin up.


debs in UK - July 20

im afraid that the rheumotologist that i saw said that it was in head and that i should go away and get on with my life i was not examined properly and the 18 points of pain were completly ignored. i went back to my GP in tears who diagnosed me. not all rheumotoligist are good!!!!!


lindybloo for DEBS - July 21

im so sorry to hear that, its the most awful ailment to have and without going into a long story i too had a quite a fight and was continually told not in so many words that i was mad....keep up the fight and ask for a second opinion from a rheumatologist....this mite sound sad but i was over the moon when i found this site...if u ever want to chat leave me a messageand i can add u to in the uk also and theres very limited support for us but it will get there.


Stephanie - July 31

I am also glad to have found this site. I was referred to a rhumatologist who ruled out things like Lupus, but he said I would probably find that I was just one of those 'sensitive people' and would have to get used to it. I was the referred to a neurologist who diagnosed FMS but refused to talk to me about it - gave me pills and said come back in 6 months - and also recommended to my union rep that I should be retired from work (I had authorised the discussion). I am now awaiting an appointment from another neurologisrt - one who will support me in work rather than write me off.


Cheryl - August 1

I'd go to your local health food store and ask who they'd recommend as a holistic/MD doctor. They don't think fibro people are nuts.


Karen - August 1

A Rheumatologist will help you get on the right path.What helped me after my accident was going to a very good Chiropracticen who uses the Activator method manipulating the Trigger points.I helped myself with herbal remedies like, Amino Acids,Tissue Salt, Bachflower Remedies,Coral Calcium and changing my food intake.Everybody is experiencing fibro in different way's,but you can get on top of it,and start living a much better life.Here is a link for more


Sharon - August 12

I agree with Cheryl...a health food store will know which rheumatologists to recommend. Also, have any of you tried a prescription vitamin B complex called 'Foltx'? My rheumatologist prescribed it and it has worked wonders for the horrible fatigue. Doesn't help the pain much though.



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