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blb_1971 - January 30

I have been having medical issues for a number of years and have yet to be diagnosed for anything. I have had many test to rule out many diseases (bone marrow biopsies, lymphnodes removed, CAT scans, MRI's, not to mention a million different blood test, and tons of other test to long to list). My symptoms are extreme fatigue, headaches, back aches, slightly swollen hands, pain in arms and legs at different times, muscle fatigue after exertion, and just a general feeling of not feeling well (there are also other symptoms but these are just my major concerns). I have seen a Phsyciatrist who ruled out depression. The only test that comes back abnormal is my white blood count (which maintains an average of 15,000 for the last several years). I have mentioned to my primary physician about the possibility of it being Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia and he has not concidered either in the last year as they are just "exclusionatory diseases" as he put it and he has not said anything further about it. Does the high White Blood Count exclude me from having Fibromyalgia? And if not/so, should I request to be sent to a Rhumatologist?
Any information would be greatly appreciated as I am feeling like I am going to have to live with this forever without any insight as to what it is. And believe me, I am alive, just not able to live.


linda brown - February 2

It sounds like you really could have fibo, but you need a doc who will listen to you! That's very important. There's a test doc use to tell if you have called "tender points" you must have 11 of the 18 I think. These areas when lightly touched will feel tender and the pain will last longer than it would in a normal person. I can't say that you have it, but that's the way I feel and I do have it, good luck hon.


blb_1971 - February 2

Linda, thank you for your reply. To follow up some on the "tender points" issue, I have tried some of them on myself using pictures from the internet and have found that 16 of the 18 are sensitive and some of them continue to hurt for several minutes after pushing down on them. Anyway, thank you once again for answering and I hope the best for you in dealing with such a nasty and terrible disease (even though some, even doctors, choose to believe that it isn't :-) ).


Gabbie - February 3

Hi blb_1971. You have many of the symptoms of fibro and is sounds like you've had a lot of tests. I am assuming that you've had extensive blood tests since they detected the white count. I'm not sure about that for fibro but I remember reading someplace that it could elevate due to stress or an infection. It sounds like your doctor is not all that "believing" of fibro and if that is what you have, you need someone that you can talk to and who can work with you. I think it is important that you see a good rheumatologist who is familiar with fibro who can ask you the right questions and do the proper testing so you know just what you are dealing with. Good luck to you.


blb_1971 - February 4

Thank you Linda and Gabbie. I have been to many forums and ask in several different ways and never even got one reply. I now know that there are people out there who do read and post answers. And to answer your question Gabby, I have had many blood test, even chromosome testing, and am still having blood test on a regular basis. I have also seen an Infectious Disease Specialist who could find any infections. I also have had many blood cultures and the list goes on and on. But I just wnted to thank you both personally for responding. I hope and wish the best for you guys.



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