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sciatic nerve
8 Replies
kaime - July 20

Does anyone have trouble with their sciatic nerve...I have a pain in my back and it goes in my hip and groin then down my thigh...deep, burning in my thigh. I am guessing sciatic nerve...??? Anyone with any ideas?


Mara - July 22

I periodically have trouble with my sciatic nerve with the same symptoms you describe. No medication I have tried even touches that pain.

I bothers me most at night, particularly if the weather is changing to rain or storm. When it is bad, I have to keep moving. I rock in bed, or I get up and walk around for a while. That sometimes gives me some relief.

Another thing I tried is acupressure behind the knee. I can't do it hard enough myself to give me relief for long, but sometimes that 5 minutes free of pain still feels so good.

If anyone has other suggestions for relief, I would love to hear them.


kaime - July 22

Thanks for responding, Mara. I have noticed that it starts to hurt when I have to have a bm...crazy! I will try the accupressure! :)


Belinda Darrington - August 8

Hi Kaime,

I,ve had the pain you describe on and off for years - sometimes it goes down one or both legs, and makes walking painful. A few years ago, before I knew I had FMS, I went to the doc with it, thinking it was sciatica, and he sent me to a physiotherapist. She said that it was because my sacro-illiac (?) muscles (in the lower back, either side of spine), were inflamed (they were VERY painful to the touch!), and this can cause similar pain to sciatica. She gave me ultra sound therapy, which I think helped a bit. Anti inflamatories should ease it, as might a hot water bottle or other source of warmth on your lower back. Sorry this is not much help, but sometimes it just helps a little to know other people understand your pain. As I'm sure you know, any FMS pain comes and goes anyway, so any treatment won't get rid of it permanantly, but it helps me to have a medicine kit and list of therapists (when I can afford them!), to help with the various symptoms when they arise - it makes me feel a little more in control. God Bless, Belinda.


Gabbie - August 9

I started with what I thought was sciatica many years ago. I went for chiropractic treatment for a while because it hit so hard I couldn't walk. I'm really not sure if it was sciatica then or the beginnings of fibro because although I had other strange things going on then, I wasn't diagnosed with fibro until about 2 years ago. I still have problems with the pain in the hip and down the legs and I find that applying ice to the "cheek" area on the side of the pain helps. I also sleep on my side with a pillow between my knees which takes some of the pressure off the lower back/hip area.


queenb2091 - August 9

I have the same issues and the best treatment for me is water therapy. I go to an indoor heated pool (even though i can't afford it) a few times a week and do some exercises. My boyfriend has back pain and so does my father and they both swear by the inversion table. I'm intimidated by it so I'm working up the nerve to try it. I also learned that sitting for long amounts of time in the same position made the pain worse, so I try and move around as much as possible when i can. I hope this helps!-amber


kaime - August 10

Thanks to all for are right Belinda, it does help to know there are others that's feeling the same way! :) thanks again, Kelli


tamisue - September 6

I have the same type of pain that runs down the right side. I had went to the doctor, and they at first said it was bursitis in my right hip and was my sciatic nerve and put me on predsisone. The symptoms got worse, when I went back they sent me to an orthopedic specialist, and they ran xrays and an mri and discovered that the test were normal. They told me it was just part of the course of fibromyagia, and sent me back to a rheumatogist. His recommendations were going to a pain specialist, doing more aquatic therapy, and more stretching exercises. Possibly upping my dosage of Lyrica, which I am leary of because I am at 300mg a day. He said the new studies they are doing on diabetics they are using 600 mg a day. Of course he stated to me he didn't know anything about lyrica at all which was scarey to me, so before I would even consider this prospect I would do alot of research on it myself, and ask get a second opinion for sure. It took me 12 different specialist to get the a fibro dx in the first am not very trusting in the health care.


kaime - September 16

Tks, tamisue...I feel the same way you do...not very trusting! I hope you are feeling well! take care! Kelli



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