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Scary FibroFog
11 Replies
chela - September 8

Well, where should I start. About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, like everyone else tons of test and nothing concrete, which of course makes you think you are crazy!

As all of you I have experience all the symptoms. However, I now can not remember things. I do not know where I left our camera. This morning I could not recall where I left my cell phone. It is so frustrating to not even have a clue about where I've left this stuff. Not only is it frustrating, but it also makes me extremely depressed. I'm at the point I want to cry. I'm holding back tears because I'm at work and not to mention pain.

However, the worst about forgetting things happened to me this weekend. While I was driving to pick up my son at the park, I completely forgot how to get back there. After I circled for more than half an hour, I finally remember where I had to turn. It was the most scariest part of FM. Has anyone gone through such an experience?


Fantod - September 8

I have had memory glitches but not to the extent that you describe. I use a product called "Neuro-PS" from a company called Puritan's Pride. You can find them online. Neuro-PS is for memory issues, my nutitionist recommended it to me. It comes in different strengths - I use 200mg daily. Ihey have good sales - buy 1 get 2 free which is usually when I stock up as it is expensive.

Part of what you are describing could be due to nonrestorative sleep. Are you on any medication for sleep issues? Fibromyalgia (FMS) causes short bursts of intense brain activity during the deep sleep cycle. Lack of restorative sleep causes higher levels of pain and memory problems.
Amitriptyline is commonly prescribed for sleep problems associated with FMS.

Believe me, I know how frustrating this can be having gone through it myself. You have got to take a deep breath, calm down and remember that tomorrow will be a better day. Take care.


chela - September 8

Thank you for your support....I will check out the Neuro PS....


sulydi - September 8

I have a lot of memory issues, and yes the same thing happened to me a long time ago. It happened twice, once I could not remember how to get to the hospital in a city close to home, and once I was in a store and couldn't remember, actually I can't remember exactly what happened. It scared me also. I guess what I do is try hard to put things in the same place all the time, so I know where they are. I memorize some indicator when I park my vehicle when shopping so I can remember where I park. I have been dealing with fibromyalgia for over 20 years now, and you kind of learn techniques to deal with some of the issues. When I have to take something to work, or out of the house, I put it in front of the door, so I can't open the door without noticing it. It is frustrating, and sometimes scary, but these things help me function somewhat normally.
Take care chela,


kaime - September 8

I think the fibrofog is what I worry about the most. I forget to DO things. I forget to BRING things with me. I forget to alot of everyday living stuff, but it's the forgetting of memories that I hate! I was always the kind of person who would remind everyone else of things. I was on top of EVERYTHING!!! Sometimes my husband can't understand why I can't remember. It is very depressing when your children come to you and talk about things that happened in the past and you have to tell them that you don't remember that. :( My daughter came to me crying one day because she was afraid that I would forget her! You can just about imagine the tears from that conversation. Now, it's kinda like a little joke...when I forget, my son who is 23 and my daughter who is 14 now, tell me, "Oh yea, it's that fibro stuff again!" LOL :)) Good luck to all...and REMEMBER, you are not alone! HAHA


pfiinch - September 8

WOW girl that is got to be horriable!!I never have been that bad.Do you think it is your meds?You did to tell your Dr.because something is not right.I am so sorry for you.
Are you take your meds right?I would hate to think this is what I have to look forward to.I really think you are to stressed out and rushing to much.Please so down so you don't loose it.Please call you Dr.and talk to him.I know I loose things all the time but usually it is because I am rushing and not thinking about what I am doing.Get back to us.We have to talk to ourselves to help us remember.GOD BLESS YOU AND PLEASE USE PRAY AS YOUR GUDE!!!!!!


Clare 27B - September 11

Well just tried to sign in and couldnt remember my username or anything, then couldnt even remember if I had registered or not....does that count!!!! ;D

My Fibrofog is one of the worst aspects of my FM, the other day I put a saucepan of water on the boil and left it, the next time I went in the kitchen (a very long time later) I found it, it had boiled dry and to this day I cannot remember anything about it!!!

So yes I know exactly what you are talking about, most of it is just frustrating, but there comes a time when you do something that frightens you, thats when it shows how serious a problem it can be.

Don't feel bad!! You are not alone!!

Sulydi, your advice seems so obvious but I hadn't thought of it, thank you, I think I will be taking your advice and doing the same!!


axxie - September 11

Hey chela, know exactly what you mean, I have fibro forgetfullness it's part of the fibro, but not everyone has it that way. I am one of the worst ones, I tend to forget many things, and it doesn't matter how many hours I sleep or sleep induce, I forget. Sometimes it's so bad, that my daughter will tell me to drive her somewhere and I pass through the intersection where I was suppose to turn and end up a mile away from where I need to go.
Hubby knows that I don't recall faces and facts so he fills it in for me. Sometimes I'm very funny and other times, I'm sure my hubby and daughter would like to hide from me. They take it with stride which is good.
I always think, how bad is it going to be this not remember things, like will I go senile? is what I ask myself, frequently.
Our grey matter in our brain has many white legions, it looks like MS brain but it isn't. My neuro explained it all to me, but I forget....


Jorja - September 11

Because of my age,I now worry it could be some thing else, and then I think to myself "no its only fibro fog" my Drs have no interst in it at all and do not and give me no help, yes I do have the amitriptyline, but that is for the muscle spasm and depression, pain killers I have none, all that they have given me I am allergic to. But that fog I know I will forget myself one of these day's, two days ago I walked off and left my shopping and my bag on the bench, the taxi man asked me if I was giving everything away today,I write a list and go out without it. I had a hospital app, went right past the hospital stayed on the bus went into town had a look around and went home again. Im sure Im going to meet me going the other way one day. I have a note on the fridge door "have I put my cup of tea in the fridge, I rarely drink tea now, I dont like it cold.


iliveinpain - September 12

Jorja, if nothing else, can you at least try 8 hour tylenol. They are the arthritis strength and I think they're time released also. As far as over the counter meds, they seem to help me quite a bit. A lot of the prescriptions bother me too, as far as allergic reactions, so I don't take alot except for the 8 hour tylenol. Also, I take 800 mg. skelaxin which is a muscle relaxer. They work sometimes, but if you take too many of those, you start to feel even more spacy and can't sleep, so I take those only as needed. Have you seen a rheumatologist for your fibro? Alot of doctors don't take this thing seriously, but I would look around until you find someone who can at least believe you and try to help you manage your pain. Maybe if you felt at least a little bit better, you'd be better able to get thru your daily activities. I know, it's really hard, but we're all in the same boat here, and, we're gonna need a bigger boat ... LOL


Jorja - September 12

If only they would let me try tylenol, I have not heard of it before. I do have arthritis as well as Spondolosis of the neck and spine, but they only tell me to take Paracetamol as I am allergic to others.

Yes I have been to the rhemy,as I have had this since I was a child, then they called it Fibrositis. I wear splints on both wrists and have one for my neck, dont wear it all the time though.I can not change my Dr as it would put me outside the catchment area. There are 13 Drs in the Health Clinic that I go to, I once took a help line A4 card with number on it,and asked if they could put it up in the waiting room,they put it in the bin.

I do meditation and can put myself into complete relaxation, I learnt to do this many years ago, and it helps me to manage my pain.I worked up until I was 63years, (I hope I have not shocked you with my age and I hope im not to old to be here) I have helped to bring up all my 9 G/C and still take 2 of them to school.

I run a help line on my home phone and help line on the Internet, I do gardening,scrapbooking and a lot of reading if I can get the chance,now days it takes me a very long time to do my decorating, takes me about a week now to pain one wall....LOL

Sorry I seem to have talked my fingers to much. Just ask away anything you would like to know, or maybe help with. I hope I have not bored you to much. Jorja.x


iliveinpain - September 12

Hey Jorja, you're not too old to be here at all. I'm 55 years old, and feel about 95 lol, but everyone here regardless of age, help each other, and are never bored with hearing each others stories. If we were, we wouldn't come to this site after all. As far as the 8 hour tylenol, it's over the counter and you can pick them up at any Walgreens or Osco. I wouldn't think your doctors should have a problem with you taking them. Tylenol is considered pretty standard and safe medications. It's the first thing a doctor will usually recommend for pain or fever. It's safer than aspirin is as it won't upset your stomach. Sounds to me like you stay busy and live a very full life, regardless of your condition. You should feel great about that. It's all too easy for people like us to feel sorry for ourselves and want to just give up. I have alot of days like that. Those are the days I come on here and vent, it helps. Don't ever feel like you aren't welcome to do that too. That's why we're all here. We're all here to offer support to one another, and you are a part of that now too - have a good weekend :)



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