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scared to ask questions
5 Replies
jeannie - January 5

does anyone ever not tell their family or doctor what going on with them for fear they will think you are crazy or want to put you in the hospital.
I can seriously relate to the person who could find her house in her neighborhood.
I drive around all day for my job. sometimes i end up somewhere and cant remember how i got there, (did i stop and stop signs/lights).
My doc tells me to stop working, but no can do. I have bills to pay.


BrandyO - January 5

Jeannie, boy can I relate to your post! The pain can be tough but fibro fog is my worst enemy. My husband bought me a new car with a navigation system in it because I am notorious for getting lost, even in familiar places. I hate when that happens. I once got lost two blocks from my house. I swear I didn't recognize anything around me for about a minute. Scared the crap out of me. I've lived in this neighborhood for 18 years. I have Fibromyalgia for over 40 years now and my youngest daughter (just turned 17) was diagnosed the day before her birthday also with fibro. It breaks my heart! Thank God there are some doctors out there now that believe fibro exist and that it isn't just in our heads. I hope that my daughter wont have to suffer the way I have all these years. I was officially dx 5 years ago. Before that I suffered in silence, and when I did say something I was told it was in my head and saw a shrink for 9 years. Can you believe that? The first time I heard and read about fibromyalgia (on line) I cried. Finally, something that described me to a T. I went right to a rheumatologist and was dx on my first visit with all 18 tender points. All I can say is we just have to take one day at a time. I wish you luck Jeannie, you have my best wishes! Brandy


jhummel03 - January 9

I have learned to tell my doctor everything. Well, actually I write it down because I'll forget by the time I get to the appointment. I still feel crazy at times. "How can this disease take so much from me?" "I must be losing my marbles." Because I often feel that I'm crazy, I come out here to this site. Here I am with other persons who feel the same way that I do!!! (I hate to speak for others, but I bet we all feel a bit crazy at times!) Good luck to you & don't be afraid to ask questions, EVER!


colleen steele - January 9

HI Jeannie,I can also relate to your post.I knew I had something wrong for many many years,since I was a kid really I think. I am 51 now. I also was told nothing is wrong ,I'm healthy,it's just a pain it will go away,you know what I mean.I think we all went through that.After hurricane Katrina there weren't many doctors around here.It was to a point that I could not even move my shoulders and needed help just to get dressed.Which was kinda of hard cause my husband is a jerk and I had to call my sister to help me as he didn't believe I was in so much pain.Thank God she just lives next door.He still is not supportive.Anyway a friend of mine was very concerned and took me to her doc.{the only one around 6 months after the hurricane},while waiting for my turn I picked up a magazine titled Fibromyalgia{I had never heard of fibro befor that} and started reading it and it described me so much I could have diagnosed myself.Anyway he did diagnose me and I go to him once a month.He is great and I feel comfortable with him and tell him everything.He knows a lot about fibro and never thinks I am crazy.Also I know how it feels to get lost,sometimes I wonder how I got from point A to point B. it is very scary. When I get the fog I try to not even drive or I will get someone to go with me.Anyway I guess the important thing is to have a doctor that you feel comfortable with and that you trust to take it seriously.As for family I don't even mention it to much anymore because the disinterest shows all over their faces so I don't even waste my breath anymore.It wears me out just trying to make them understand.I just tell them to look it up if they really want to know,which as far as I know none of them has.But thats ok because I know and my doctor knows so thats all that really matters. Good luck to you and I hope you have more good days than bad. Colleen


Jeannie3 - January 9

Hi Jeannie It could be a lonely and scary disease but once you start asking questions and learning more you could start owning the disease thats come into your life. Then you could comfortably say 'this is what I have and this is what it is' Please don't be afraid to ask. Especially here where we are all here for you. Believe me it took me awhile to own it because I hated it so but it began to get easier emotionaly.


Lyle Anderson - January 10

I used to be that way but once I started telling my doctor as much as I could remember, I started to find FMS fascinating and then I got interested in myself as the experiment, you know---what does this med do? Are these symptoms related to anything? The older you get the more you gotta tell the doc about your various symptoms. Sometimes it could be really serious. I had surgery 7 years ago and just put up with this pain. I just thought it was the FMS interacting with the remains of the surgery. But then my doc said that after 7 years, there shouldn't be any pain. So I had to take this test and I had to drink this super yucky stuff and sure enough, there had been a problem all along. So, report the symptom: it could be a sign of something serious.



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