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emma - November 4

Ive just discovered that I have Fibromyalgia after suffering from 99% of the symptoms for nearly 5 yrs. My family have always teased me about how I feel telling me Im a hypocondriac and that Fybro is just a made up name for hypocondiacs. So now i dont tell them about the pain and tiredness and everything else that comes along with it. I lead a very active life ( I run a horse farm) and some days really struggle. Especially during bad flare ups. But I do work through and persevere and not give in to it. But sometimes I feel so tired and dont have anyone to talk to without being made fun of and I do get scared. People just dont understand and think that saying you have fibo is a cop out. Sorry to complain, I just feel so alone in all of this. Have felt better reading others comments though.


Ann-Marie - November 2

Hi Emma, I can really relate to what your saying. I felt like a hypocondriac for years - going back and forth to the Doctors etc. There is some useful stuff to print off on this site to show sceptics but at the end of the day you are the one with the pain and fatigue and you are the one who has to live with it constantly. I too suffered for years before I was diagnosed but I now feel a lot more comfortable explaining my condition. I also found that when I feel I have no one to talk to, just a quick message on this forum and I soon feel like I am not alone. Take care XX


Donna - November 2

Emma, I have just found this website and it is a real blessing. I too have an extremely unsupportive family, who imply that they too have headaches, backaches, etc. but if I just "take an aspirin" I will be fine. It's a very lonely disease.


emma - November 2

thanks for the support, yes it is a very lonely disease. The site is helping me to finally understand and realize im not going crazy.
Thanks again.


Leanne - November 3

Hi Folks! Just found this site today. I received a mailing from my insurance company about 6 months ago outlining a plan to cope with my fibromyalgia. At first I was angry as a doctor had never uttered this diagnosis to me, but obviously wrote it down. After years of going to the doctor, and now looking into the fibro stuff more, I am drawing my own conclusion that perhaps I am fibro. I resisted this diagnosis because I want to believe there is hope. I am only accepting of it now because I had about a 2 month stint this summer nearly symptom free. It was enough to give me hope so I can deal better with the diagnosis. There CAN be good days ahead. I do not believe I am depressed either, which is another reason I resisted the diagnosis. It seems to imply the disease is in your head. It is SO NOT! Yes, I do feel down occasionally, but it is only after weeks of feeling ill. Does anyone else frequently run a temp of about 99.5-100.0? That is something that puzzles me. I used to get scared alot because of all my symptoms, but no more. I have been turned inside out and nearly gutted and nothing serious has ever been found -- life-threatening, that is. Fibro IS serious. It is so debilitating. I also am one to just work through it, but life shouldn't have to be so hard!! I quit complaining to family and friends a long time ago. It just makes them feel helpless and seems to be a boring topic of conversation. I also quit going to the doctor. So they don't look incompetent, they either are condescending to me or do something that doesn't help in the least. I am contemplating going to a rheumatologist, however. Any advice about what they can add or offer for a fibro person?


[email protected] - November 3

I've been in the same boat. Not accepting, catch all diagnosis, but folks this is the real deal It seems that most fibros are workaholics, self motivated and put more pressure on themselves and with that note having this condition keeps you from completeing the mission at work, home, play,with the kids etc., and fatigue gets in the way big time. I too kept telling myself, if I am to get this project done I have to do it now because if I sit down or take a break that will be the end of me. This went on for quite awhile until I was diagnosed as I hit the wall, sort of speak and could go no further. Yes it is debilitating to the fact I've lost my job and my life suddenly went into a different direction. Unplanned illness you just gotta love how life keeps giving you challenges as it watches you fight your way out into the freedom of enjoying life once again. I think this can happen for everyone but unfortunatly we have to depend on some medication to help us better control our pain and anxieties of this most devistating condition. If people that laugh at you and say negative things about you, just smile because it could happen to them and then what would they have to say. Keep positive people it will be OK. Doctors should be reminded, it could happen to them too.


emma - November 3

Its very interesting to read about people going thru the same things as yourself. I dont wish bad things on anyone, but it does make me feel better knowing Im not the only one going thru this. I too can have a few weeks when I feel absolutly great. No pain, tiredness, mind fog I actually seem to feel normal and that in itself is such a boost. Them BAM one morning I will wake uo with the worst chest pain, that will literally knock the wind right out of me if I turn or lift something the wrong way, and have that constant dull ache for weeks. But Ive learnt to live with it. Im pretty good at coping, mind over matter and keep myself busy. its a very similar thing to pain hypnosis. Like what pregnant women do to cope with labour pains. Because if I too stop and rest then thats it im done for the day. Mind you there are some days where I will just have to sit around all day. I think mentally by the end of a bad flare up my emotions are shot. it takes alot out of me mentally and emotionaly coping day after day when I have a flare up. I donot take pain killers, as I dont want to mask the symptoms. So I just get on like most of Fibro suffers do. But in the begining I was totaly out of the world for a year. Now I think im at a plateu, no worse a little better with a few weeks in between a flare up. My doc still hasnt mentioned Fybro. Just Adrenal Fatigue and CFS. But ive a whole folder full of info for her now!! Maybe that will help any of her other patients.


Jean - November 4

I hope so Emma. As the Internet helps to supply information the doctors need to get on board and handle the problems at hand. Keep positive and things will be status quo.We are here for you.



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