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scalp hurts
9 Replies
dkarssen79 - January 28

Does anyone ever get so sensitive that your scalp hurts? It started as my right eye lid, it felt like it was burning and it hurt. It lasted for 3-4 days then my scalp started feeling the same way. Just the right side top of my head, which is same side that eye hurt. It aches when I'm not touching it and to try to lay on a pillow or wash and brush my hair hurts pretty bad. Never had this happen before so just wondered if anyone else had anything like this.


Canada17 - January 28

I get symptoms like this every once in a while. They are annoying. I'm pretty sure it's just another Fibro "perk". Mine don't usually last that long but it feels like I've been hit in the head, even to the touch I feel bruised, and then a few minutes to an hour or so later it's gone.

If it's really bothersome, talk to your doctor about it, you could have a pinched nerve somewhere.


iliveinpain - January 28

I get that quite often. It's like if I move my hair, it hurts my scalp. Weird. It's like my roots hurt!! Also I can press on parts of my scalp that are extremely painful, like pressure points elsewhere in my body. It does feel like it's bruised, that's probably the best way to describe it. When that happens, I like to go into a hot shower and let the hot water run over my head. Then I get a good shampoo going so that I'm massaging my scalp. Seems to help temporarily and it feels wonderful. Hope that helps!


ptalana - January 29

d, mine is really sore today! I could hardly handle shampooing my hair, much less brushing or drying it. It must just be another fibro perk ;)
Take care, Patty


axxie - January 29

OH yes, it's another fibro perk. I get the same thing, and I used to not understand what it was, when my fibro wasn't all hyper. But actually my doctor provided me with term, which I lost. It's all part of fibro.


chucksusanandgrace - February 6

I too get it. It almost feels like a sunburned feeling on my scalp. But then again, I get that same burning through out my body.


FibroGal - February 6

I get this, too. Scalp feels bruised to the touch.


dkarssen79 - February 7

So after a couple more days of the sore scalp i woke up with my right eye swollen and sore. After a swollen eye for a week and incredibly sore scalp, forehead and several diagnosis i was finally diagnosed with shingles. I started the shingles medication on Friday and already I'm starting to feel a little better. Apparently the scalp pain is the nerve pain that comes with shingles and is pretty common with shingles. It's been a crazy week with multiple trips to different drs and numerous medications. But thankfully I'm starting to feel a little better off and on.

Thank you for the responses everyone!


ptalana - February 7

I'm so glad that you are feeling better, d:) Just wondering if you developed the rash and blisters associated with shingles? Was it the eye symptoms that prompted the shingles testing and subsequent diagnosis?
Take care and wishing you a speedy recovery, Patty


dkarssen79 - February 7

Thanks!! The eye swelling along with the pain i described and with it not responding to strong antibiotics. I did just develop a few blisters a day or so ago. But not very many fortunately!



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