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Fibro Woman in MO - February 28

This is a new FDA approved drug for FMS and it is suppose to be available to the pharmacies this week. I can't take Lyrica or Celebrex. I have a prescription for Savella and as soon as my pharmacy receives it I will start taking it. I will keep everyone updated. I would also like to know if anyone else is taking it and their reactions to it.

Thank you


corgimom - March 18

I was in one of the drug studies for Savella (milnacipran). I took 200 mg per day, and it did truly help with the pain. Unfortunately, I developed very high blood pressure readings after a year, and had to stop taking it. My blood pressure is normal now, but the pain is back in full court press! My sincerest wishes that you will have great success with this newest weapon in the war, but be sure to keep an eye on your blood pressure.


axxie - March 18

Can't wait to see how it goes for you, I'm presently on Cymbalta and it works for me. I went from taking it in the evening to taking it during the day and I must say it is working for me, most of the times. I heard about Savella and was told it's a new one for FMS. So, if Cymbalta doesn't work for me, I'm sure going to look at Savella.
Good luck and post us with your experience.


vcasas - July 28

I started taking it. My doctor gave it to me 3 wks. ago. I don't see a difference yet. I'm taking 100 mg. a day.


Fantod - July 28

Savella was approved for use in the US earlier this year. It has been used in Europe for about 20 years. I had a two week trial pack and noticed a difference in my pain level after the first dose. After the third dose I became (and this is an understatement) "overly emotional" which is considered an adverse reaction. It destroyed what little energy reserve that I had. I took myself off of it. I didn't get back to "normal" for about 48 hours after that. I'm still trying to recover and it has been almost two weeks now. I'm back on Cymbalta. I am super sensitive to medication so I anticipated that this drug probably would not work for me. I hope that you have better luck. Take care.


JOEGIRL - July 28

I have been hearing about savella and I am hoping it works for you. I may have to try it if I can't keep taking Lyrica but I am hoping I can since it has really helped my pain level. Goodluck, FibroWoman



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