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Sandybeach - January 26

New here....
im new here .i been diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 3 years ago but this winter has been really bad.been on a flare up for about a back and the burning sensations are horrific.(wonder if anyone got anything to reccomend for this?)feels like someone got a hot poker in my back oh not ot mention the tinglings.experiancing the whole fibro thing this time and never got me as at the pain clinic next week. hooooray . hope they can sort me out as nothing i seem to be given is good to make new friends with the same illness as me.hard ot make non fibro sufferers understand what we do go gp thinks that because ive had the flu virus before christmas its brought on a whole new flare up.could he be right? im thinking so now....any answers would be welcomed..


Fantod - January 26

Sandybeach - Welcome to the board. It is possible that the flu triggered your recent flare. The burning pain that you are describing is probably nerve pain. Gabapentin (Endep) is typically used to treat that problem. Nerve pain is just one of the many "perks" associated with Fibromyalgia (FMS).

I've been in a flare for about a month due to stress and the extremely cold winter weather. Not much fun so I can sympathize with you. I hope that the pain clinic is able to make some recommendations to help you.

Bear in mind that the longer a chronic pain cycle continues, the harder it becomes to manage or stop. Whatever medication that you are given will take some time to get into your system. It may need to be changed and/or adjusted depending on your response. Allow a minimum of two weeks to notice any change. It could even take up to a month.

You should go to Amazon and order "Fibromyalgia for Dummies." Like all of the dummies series, it contains good basic information about this syndrome. In the interim, take some time to read all of the information contained in the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page. Knowledge is power. Keep in touch and let us know how your appointment goes. Take care.


Sandybeach - January 26

To Fantod....
how good to hear a reply im not on my own.i already have loads of info on this illness but thanx anyway for ur reply.just got out of bed after yes yet another snooze,its all i seem to do.yes the nerve pain is really getting to me.why do flare upslast so long grrrr?i take it youre in the uk too with the bad weather you was describing?oh to live on a hot island be great for all us fibro sufferers....only to realise we forget our towels due to fibrofog :( cheers


Fantod - January 26

Sandybeach - No, I live in the USA - Metro Detroit area. We have been experiencing Artic cold which is making me very achey. I loved your tropical island analogy - those that remembered towels will just have to


Sandybeach - January 26

fantod ....
lol cheers for that roll on my hols n the hot weather forget my aches n pains for a while .....i hope


Noca - January 27

Welcome Sandybeach! Nerve pain can also be treated with Lyrica which is what I use :)

It's great that you are going to a pain clinic. I believe all chronic pain patients should go to one IMO.

Hope to see you around.


Sandybeach - January 27

thank for that info..i will definatly mention it to them,altho as said earlier i think all will be trial and error.Just hope they can help me soon,been living a nightmare, and difficult to try and make others understand.has anyone had hydrocortisone injections for back pain?would be interesting to hear the results or outcome of pain relief for it.


January - January 28

Hi Sandybeach - I agree with Fantod (she has great info!) A viral illness always makes my pain worse. The cold weather (and certain barometric pressure changes) can feel like a body migraine. We should all get together and buy a Caribbean island! With a pain clinic! And a cannabis farm! LOL! And a comedy club!

I won't take the anti-D or the Lyrica-type drugs. Weight gain is bad. For me, acupuncture, SAM-e, diet, supplements, low dose opiates help a lot, and I avoid many toxic side effects. (The "usual" prescription drug side effects almost killed me.)

Noca, I have Lidocaine patches for back pain (blown disks) and they help a lot.

Drs. often push the hydrocortisone shots - but there is research out saying they help only short term; long term your pain will be worse. And you have to keep going back for more shots, they wear off. There may be problems from the needles damaging your tendons and other structures and risk of infection. Cortisone also rots your bones so think it over. And I've heard they really hurt.

Good luck to you.



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