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dream69 - January 15

1. Lets not argue over anything
2. Present evidence for advice given
3. Do not post email or phone numbers
4. Do not get to personal with anybody
5. Cite references
6. Do not believe suicide letters of any kind ( we can't do anything about it ,if true.)
7. Keep your identity to yourself.
8. Finally lets discuss Fibromyalgia; Diet, Treatment, Theories, opinions,etc only.
9. Lets truly help each other overcome this dreadful disease.


dream69 - January 15

Lets forgive and forget and start fresh


BrandyO - January 15

As much as I was hurt, I guess people do what they do for reasons we don't always understand . So we call them by other names now, so be it. I think your right Dream69 ...we just need to move on. I hope you are enjoying your day and that you are as pain free as possible. Peace be with you.... Brandy :)


Lynne-FT - January 15

I agree.


JJ1 - January 16

Good advice. Let's move on. Anxious to hear what you are able to dig up for Lynne.


Lynne-FT - January 16

Thanks JJ1,
I could use it. I go see my Fibro doctor on the 27th too :)
Then I can give it to the attorney just like I been doing most of their work from the begining anyways.


jhummel03 - January 16

That's why I signed up! Let's get started, friends.


colleen steele - January 16

Now that,s what I'm talking about !! Good advice dream69, I hope everyone follows it and then I really do think this would be a nice place to talk and sometimes to get things off of our chest..........Thanks, Colleen & Good health to everyone.


larry - January 17

Great Rules. Barbar posted similar rules here also. As far as forgiving, it is easier said than done. She twisted and distorted every post that I made, as well as other people that posted progressive news on healing. She (and her groupies) manipulated every person on this site to believing that I work for the centers and that the fibro and fatigue centers are voodoo. She smeared my name here on this forum and ruined the opportunity for many people to get well by creating skepticism about the data in my posts and the fibro and fatigue centers. Her lies were outrageous and unconceivable. The stories she created about using a friend’s email address at the Govt. Office of Accountability was twisted. Supposedly her friend was a male that is taking care of his elderly and ill mother. Then “Brenda” showed up as the person that was supposed to be the person that shared her email address with Barbar? What happened to the guy? Then she accused me of trying to get her imaginary guy friend fired! Then she posted a death notice, drew her groupies into her sick conspiracy and blamed ME for her reason to kill herself. What a horrible and sick person. Her groupies are no better. I can’t even imagine what these sick people’s bodies must go through having to deal with their negative energy. I felt sorry for Barbar when HK, CarrieLee’s husband, attacked her. I even stuck up for her. Some of the posts that weren’t deleted show this. I sympathized with her as she used this forum as her social life; she appeared to feel safe here and shared many intimate details of her life here. I believed Barbar killed herself as I noticed in her postings that her communications were very emotional, sometimes very unstable. I tried to help her but was getting exhausted by her constant badgering and opposition. I admit it that I lost my temper a few times and I apologize to the forum for thinking at first that everyone here had a similar personality. I am sure that if I didn’t have to change my name (because of the attacks) that the situation could have been better. The feeling I experienced when I read that Barbar killed herself ( AND that she was blaming me) is something I wish on no-one. I am sure she is reading this now and probably is getting a lot of satisfaction out of this. I am trying to develop compassion for her and her groupies as I think they live very lonely and unhappy lives. I felt for Barbar as I have a twin sister that has lived most of her life being overweight (which we can now trace back to the broken communication of the thyroid/hypothalamus/adrenal/pituitary ). I also have been single most of my life so the fact that Barbar is alone touched me. (I have a great life and a great marriage. My husband and I are sole mates and very much in love.) I even thought about offering my home to her as a place to stay if she wanted to try a fibro and fatigue center near me. I feel for every fibro sufferer here and have anger toward doctors about this syndrome as it is TOTALLY preventable and treatable but most doctors refuse to get updated on this. My wishes for everyone is to read the book by Mary Sholom -“Living well with Fibromyalgia- What your doctor doesn’t tell you”. I also wish that everyone here has the privilege of being treated by a fibro and fatigue center. If you have cancer you go to a cancer doctor, if you have fibro I recommend that you go to a fibro doctor. Expect more from your doctors, more than compassion, expect results. If you have to “teach” or experiment with your doctor –then you have the wrong doctor. Move on to a doctor that teaches you. The results will be the truth. I do not live in pain and have minimal fatigue as I have been helped tremendously by the Fibro and Fatigue center by me. I wish you all well and happy healing-including Barbar and her groupies.


Patrice - January 17

dream69 ... excellent post! Excellent! I need help. I don't want to read all the trash that's been going on here. It doesn't help ... only spreads discord and spite. If everyone would abide by those rules we'd have an awesome source to help each other. Remember ... no names. Have a great day, my dear friends and I wish you health and happiness.


tcmby - January 18

yeah... glad the truth is out, so lets move on :)


Iori - January 19

I would like to add one last Rule on my way out: Rule #10: Don't Feed The Trolls! when someone posts nonsense like the 3 latest from yesterday IGNORE them. Trolls need constant attention, if deprived they starve and always go away. it may take awhile, but if you do this it will work. good luck everyone & take care.


JJ1 - January 19

Sometimes I think it is the troll who is feeding himself (using another login name) to keep this stuff going. I feel the same as you, Lori, but when the site was working good, it was helpful.


carrie lee - January 19

What a great POSITIVE idea, there is enough negativity for each of us to deal with every day, I was so happy to find this forum so I knew I wasnt alone and then I almost left it completely because I felt like I was in a kindergarden class of he said she saids. We all need infirmation and comfort lets just put out emergy into that, we will all be hapier for it. Here is a prayer that everyone have as pain free day and weekend as possible


Lyle Anderson - January 19

I agree, too, and as I recall, barbar did post similar rules. I'd like to suggest another rule: that we hit the 'poor taste' button whenever any more of this rubbish pops up.


jane doe - January 20

Lori, Please don't leave the forum!!! Just ignore people if you have to. Lyle, you always "recall" Barbar did this or said that- BUT YOU WERE NOT ON THIS FORUM THEN- so why do you act like you knew her. I really do not want to start trouble, but that is what I find weird.
I really don't want an answer, cause I don't care, but I wish if you are not her- then stop acting like you knew her, because you were not on this forum until AFTER SHE WAS GONE!!!


BrandyO - January 21

Jane doe, that really isn't fair of you to say that. I was just an observer for sometime before I started to post the first time. I hesitate to say anything because I am afraid people will think I am starting trouble but really, we need to learn not to assume things. I wish everyone a good day. Brandy



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