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11 Replies
FibroGal - September 26

I have stubborn rosacea, meaning the topical creams have not worked and they just irritate my skin. I am currently trying the last gel he has to prescribe. He wants me on long-term antibiotics but I'm resisting that. I've read that fibro sufferers often have rosacea. Does anyone else here have rosacea with their fibro? If so, what do you do for it?


Fantod - September 26

I am not aware the rosacea is associated with FMS. I know that some folks have rashes of mysterious origin, itching or lichen plans but not specifically rosacea. Have you considered seeing a holistic doctor who is also an MD to see if alternative medicine might help. They usually take insurance. I tend to agree with you that long term antibiotics are not the answer. Then you start getting into problems associated with the gut because of the antibiotics. Most holistic doctors feel that FMS actually originates in the alimentary canal. Did you know 80% of your immune system is located in your intestines? However, rosacea can cause quite a bit of damage. I would be inclined to exhaust every other possibility in short order before taking antibiotics. I hope that my answer is helpful to you in some way. Take care,


Shau Marie - October 3

My doc said that this is mottled skin. Dark patches on the face, arms hands and chest. (for me) I am going to see a derm. because I was told I need a special cream for this like age spots. Damn FM is expensive and frustrating.


Izzie60 - October 6

I have it OR LUPUS.......they don't seem to be able to determine, because I have a lot of lupus symptoms.

I have no cures.......but time. I just know I feel soooooooo much worse when I have the rash, do you ?


dwilmoth - October 10

I have rosacea too. Sounds alot like yours. I do not have the broken veins just the bumpy acne-like. Looking back now it was actually my first sign of FMS. None of the topical stuff worked for me either, I am very fair with sensitive skin and everything made me burn and itch. I took the antibiotic for awhile (to get it under control) then when I went off it didn't flair back up. I now get a impulse light treatment when I can afford it. I also found that cetaphil cleanser and purpose anti-reddening moisturizer works (both at wal*mart). I used expensive spa stuff but it didn't work any better, just more $. I also use the Body Shop all-in-one face base to cover any reddness. good luck.


ibritz - October 10

dwilmoth - the stuff you get at Walmart - is it Walmart's brand (equate) or is it another off brand or are those the name brands? As you can tell I don't shop much in that area of Walmart. Thanks


dwilmoth - October 17

ibitz, I use the Cetaphil brand but recently had a lean financial time and bought the Kroger brand and it seems to work just the same.


FibroGal - October 19

Dwilmoth, what is an impulse light treatment?


Fantod - October 19

I googled "impulse light treatment rosacea" and this is what I found:

There are several ways of treating Rosacea. One way is through Intense Pulsed Light therapy or IPL for Rosacea. IPL is a rather new type of therapy which treats Rosacea patients by using a light source which doesn’t involve lasers. Research studies have now proven that in some patients IPL can minimize the appearance of the signs of four different types of Rosacea. This product is used to treat dilated blood vessels which appear on the face, flushing, redness which is persistent and acne-like symptoms.

In 1995, the Food and Drug Administration approved the treatment of facial dilated blood vessels. Since it’s FDA approval Impulse Light Therapy has had good results with reports such as 83% of the patients who have used IPL for Rosacea reporting redness being reduced. Another 75% of patients have noticed less facial flushing while 64% of Rosacea patients using this product for treatment reported less appearances of acne type symptoms. With as few as tow IPL treatments there have been reports of reduced incidents of dilated blood vessels and redness as well. So it acts very quickly to achieve its purpose.

There are some advantages. IPL treatment is not cancer causing and doesn’t have any known side effects. There are some more commonly reported side effects such as swelling, redness of the skin, and bruising. Each one is a condition and is not serious and are easily treatable and with care only last temporarily.

According to dermatologist reports, IPL for Rosacea treatments can be accomplished through four to six weeks with intervals of three t o four weeks. It could take several weeks for Rosacea symptoms to disappear.

Another advantage that the treatments have is that they get to the root of the Rosacea problem which is inflammation of the blood vessels. Rosacea is considered to be a chronic dermatitis condition of the face with pimples which can resemblance appearing in such areas as the nose and cheeks. This problem is referred to as acne Rosacea and is often mistaken for acne.

Dermarest is a moisturizer that is used to mask blemishes due to Rosacea. Although IPL for Rosacea doesn’t remove the scars which can be caused by Acne Rosacea it can minimize their appearance.


FibroGal - October 21

Very informative! Thank you, Fantod! Indeed something to consider.


dwilmoth - October 25

Yeah what fantod said, lol. that's pretty much how my derm md explained it. It does sting. But it works. i hope you find something that works for you. I got hot and nervous today in a meeting and when I came out I stopped in the restroom and my checks were blood red. I carry foundation in my purse all the time for touch-ups but I need to have another IPL (sorry I wrote what it was incorrectly, I forget things, lol, I know I'm not alone) When I do the IPL on a regular basis I don't respond to things like that as much.


greeneyedlady138 - December 6

I have had rosacea with red capillaries on my face for almost 20 years. I haven't found any creams or gels that work, most just irritate it more. I've learned to cover it up with make-up. My Rheumatologist is referring me to a Dermatologist so hopefully I will be able to get it under control.



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