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6 Replies
coop - October 7

Anybody else sick and tired of Robin1237 posting on every single question spouting off about Lyme disease?
Please Robin, we have all heard your opinion,give it a rest will ya? I have FMS NOT Lyme! Enough already.


sunglo - October 7

coop thanks for i have jus joined and have seen all theses inputs on lyme i got so confused and started reading on it..taking me away from what i have been told..last nite was a very bad so tired of pills that actually i know will not cure..nor make the pain go away but at least i know know that that im not the only one that is so tired of hearing about ticks!


lisa1 - October 7

I agree. I think that may be her disease, we are here to support each other not confuse the issues. I am sure as I was, most of us were tested for lyme disease. I spoke with both of my doctors. FMS is not lyme although some symptoms are the same, lyme disease can be detected. Fibro is diagnosed after other diseases are ruled out. Coop,. I agree. Enought about Lyme. We are confused enough already. You could really put a newly diag person like myself in a panic thinking yet again a nother incorrect diag. Everyone on this forum seems to already been diag withFMS.


islandguy - October 7

Add my name to the list. I don't know if there is any personal gain for you Robin in this case.....but I think we have all had our fill of your "copy and paste" opinion !


Dixelanddelight1 - October 8

have yall reported on the "bad taste?" maybe that does something..i dunno but im tired of seeing it to


skidoo - October 8

Theres is an easy solution. If her repetitiveness is bothersome, on't read her posts. That is what I do. I am not crazy about the repetitive posting either, but she has as much of a right to post here as I do or anyone does. Her posts aren't "bad taste" and seem to be within posting guidelines. However, what I would like to see, if she would like to remind folks that the Lyme symptoms are similar to fms and everyone should be tested, is to periodically bump up her one post that suggests some of us could have lyme. That will keep the issue up there without repeating the same thing.


sunglo - October 8

the posting fr robin did jus what was intended to do..get ya thinking and seaching..but...too much..stress is one of fibros hold on the fear of unknown....i have felt such more relief in talking with ones that experiece the similair pain and the routes they have tried and suggestions...a wonderful form of therapy for me..not feeling alone with this pain and haveing this group share thier feeling and at this time trying to locate a rhem arth dr..this info was given on many posts....working with others and comparing the pain and things they tryed or have been told is like haveing someone beside u at all times for listening and understanding....i have found that sometimes we can get our minds on one thing and jus block all others out..maybe robin has done this...maybe she believes so hard and cant let go..i dont knnow but i do know that i have FIBRO..i need to stay on the path with those who understands til comes and says they have something to cure it.....spending everyday in pain and no sleep at nite is wearing done on is my Mother is 80 and still skins burns at times i put icepacks to help..the tingling and numbness feels like something crwling all the time4 kids..10 grands and i feel like such a failure not to be able to smile when im around them.headaches seem to be getting worse..i drive my uncle to chemo once a week and radi the other four..then feel I should be grateful...the dr rec maybe trying the pill lycria..i declined at the time due to driving..said i would have to stay in till adjusted to it......My family has tryed so hard to understand my nite as i sit when the taz(i call it)starts i make and X on my arm as it goes up to my shoulder..seem to move from one side to the other..i understand that being i have the palsy and foot drop, and degenernertivescoliosis and artritis that it all jus blends..but how do u know..i feel the maybe depression is there..was put on Gabapentin 800 3xd..but hard to motivate.i feel maybe i have said too much but as for ROBIN.....please try and understaind the way some very concerned about my weight gain but with all the meds im on im not surprised..14..dont need to eat with that! robin i hope u try and understand ......and to others..thanks for listening



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