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Right sided head pain
16 Replies
Kerrie - January 6

Since before xmas I have had pain in the right side of my head.

It is over my temples, forehead and goes midway round the side of my head. It can be painful but it feels more like a pressure in my head as if somethings swelling inside. My head hurts to move if I move my head forward or stand up. I did have an hour where it made me feel a bit confused

The last couple of days it seems to ease off but I do feel a bit unsteady,I wouldnt go as far as dizzy but a bit unsteady and my head feels weak.

I see my doctor who said it sounds like nerve pain or a migraine although I didnt think migraines lasted for two weeks but she said they can do.

I just wondered if anyone else suffers from this as its a really horrible feeling?


white chocolate - January 6

Hi Kerrie, I too suffer with head pain really severely, mine being the left side. I call it 'my shadow'. I also suffer headaches & migraine frequently and at no time do they come near the pain & feelings that 'my shadow' creates. It's been with me about 8yrs and at times it's totally disabling. I would describe it as a very uncomfortable heavy numbness feeling, with pressure - on the top left side and it can run across the entire left side and sometimes into my face. The pressure/numbness is always present. When it comes with the pain it causes tiredness &confussion..('Fog?') I've had all sorts of tests and treatment, even on my teeth,including extraction of a tooth, but it still persists. My doctor, rheumatologist & a neurologist advises it's nothing serious or something would have shown by now. When I have a clear, pain free day, I can think logically & agree that this is correct & it's all part of the Fibromyalgia package i've been dealt. I know this will be of no comfort to you & I'm sorry that you are suffering with this.
Last year I had a form of physiotherapy called Myofascial Realise. I had 7 sessions lasting 1hr each time & I did get some relief. At one stage it went away for about 4 months. I felt really refreshed, although I still had other symptoms of Fibro. I now am having the same treatment privately as & when needed, mostly when I can afford. It helps sometimes by changing the pain/numbness feeling in my head but not always. I will say I've tried tens machines, cognitive therapy, physio..the list goes on & on. This is the only thing that's given me any relief & to feel a little more 'normal'.
This forum is the only place I can come & feel normal because we're all experiencing these painful, weird, way out symptoms that we're just fobbed off with by the medical lot who put all our symptoms under the Fibromyalgia umbrella.
I hope this is of some reassurance to you. Take Care xxx


white chocolate - January 6

It should read.. Myofascial Release !!


guateboy34 - January 6

White chocolate, your symptoms are exactly like mine. Almost every day at some point I will feel pressure like tightness with tingling in my head. It radiates from my forehead over the top of my head into my neck and shoulder areas. Sometimes it is quite painful but mostly just an aggravating annoyance! It used to make me a bit anxious but not as much anymore. It has been 9 months since this has started and I expect to feel like this all the time so the anxiety is not as strong now. Usually some good neck stretching will help subside the sensation.


Kerrie - January 6

I keep saying to people I feel as if there is a cloud over the side of my head, is this what you mean by shadow white chocolate?
I have been getting this feeling since March last year but never had it last this long.
I am relieved to find someone else having what I am feeling although feel sorry for you having to deal with it!

The horrible feeling has finally almost gone tonight but now I feel sick and spaced out.


white chocolate - January 6

Kerrie, Your description of a cloud would match my term of shadow.
Even when it's lying in a low state of pain/numbness, it hangs over me. I can still feel it's when your mouth is numb from the dentist..that fat lip type of feeling.
I know what you mean by feeling spaced out. I find the only thing that helps with that is rest,rest & more rest as I'm sure your sleep is poor like mine. I just always feel like i need to recharge.

Guateboy34, I do get tingling in my neck but it's mainly my shoulders that's effected by this, again the left side is more painful & tight and it makes movements painful. I've not felt tingling in or on my head, thankfully!

When I had a medical to see how the Fibromyalgia affected me, my left side showed a weakness in muscle strength & pain is far worse on the whole of my left side for some reason.


Fantod - January 7

I agree with white choclate - look into myofascial pain as a source of the problem. Are you aware of grinding or clenching your teeth at night? You might want to consider seeing a dentist who specializes in TMJ. Itcan cause all of the sensations that you are descrbing and more. Take care.


Kerrie - January 7

I did see an osteopath last week who pressed on my jaw and it was complete agony and she said it was incredibly tight but in general i dont really get any pain in my jaw apart from 18 months ago when i was pregnant.

I slept for 12 hours last night, azmaingly, and woke up still with the pain in my head. Interestingly i sleep on my right side so I wonder if that has anything to do with it??


white chocolate - January 7

I know for sure I do grind my teeth & clench them an awful lot of the time when I'm awake so probably do it even more in my sleep. Some years back I did have a mouth guard my dentist provided made up to wear during the night which prevented the teeth from grinding. It basically looked like a gum shield, like the sports ones. ( lol..I will add that I have pretty normal looking teeth & not bucked ones just in case your conjuring up funny images of me lol !)It was sooo comfortable & I used to sleep so much better when i wore it. It was so comfortable I would wear it when I was at home alone during the day. It just felt like everything had lined up and , well it just felt lovely! I think I will see if I can get another one made. It didn't help with the head pain it just relaxed the muscles & controlled the grinding/clenching.

I can only ever get to sleep laying on my left side...there must be a connection. I'd never given this any thought Kerrie. We may have something of an answer there somewhere?


Kerrie - January 7

It may well do as the night I slept on my leftside I got the same pains on my leftside. I have tried to sleep with my head neutral to see if this makes a difference but i naturallymove


Kerrie - January 7

sorry my daughter pressed reply! I naturally in mysleep turn to my right. I wonder if its a nerve that gets presssed on? My pain always seems worse of a morning and lessens off during the day but thecloud feeling seems to get worse as the day goes on and better of a morning..


Kerrie - January 7

Do you suffer also with it not so much dizziness but feeling a bit uneasy on your feet? Almost slightly disorientated when you get up for instance.


white chocolate - January 7

When the pains bad, it's usually worse in the morning.. a little while after I'm up.I will be extremely tired & get confused easily, can't think straight. This does ease but i will usually be very tired to the point I just have to get some sleep. This is what I term as being fibro fog. I do feel very uneasy on my feet..very spaced.
However I lay in bed, I always turn over onto my left side to drop off to sleep. I'm just not comfortable laying any other way. Lately I feel the need to really stretch in bed, laying on my left then pushing my back & legs as far away as possible..strange now I come to think about it!
We have a 5ft bed and I occupy at least 4ft each night!!


Kerrie - January 7

It does sound like we have something very similar, would be interested to hear if any other people suffer like us to see if its a common Fibromyalgia thing!


Fantod - January 7

It is very common among people with Fibromyalgia (FMS). You'll find a complete description under "associated conditions" in the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page. Take care.


Polarbearcub - January 10

Hi, It sounds like you have TMD. It use to be called TMJ. I had it for 10 yrs, in my 20's before being diagnosed and then it took many more years to get over it. I had to use a mouth guard all the time and while asleep. I use to wake-up with so much pain in my face I couldn't do anything till I took excedrin. After I was diagnosed I would put on some drug, maybe a muscle relaxer. It's been too long for me to recall. I had some therapy where they would put what I think it is now a tens machine and hot towels on my face and shoulders. The dentist told me to always say to myself, "mouth closed, teeth apart". I say it to this day when I go to bed. Now with the Fibro coming back with a vengence last week I started getting the headaches again. MY teeth hurt from clenching all night. I toss and turn a lot because of back and hip pain everytime I wake-up I feel my teeth clenched together. So get a mouth guard as sson as you can or your neck and shoulders will get worse.


Kerrie - January 12

Would it be TMJ though if i only have the pressure feeling in my head and no other symptoms with my jaw other than hurting if they are pressed on?

Painkillers dont get rid of it because its not really a pain but a horrible feeling.



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