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vavaughn - April 3

I have just started to read From Fatigued to Fantastic. I am very curious about the claims and trials on ribose. Does anyone use ribose as a daily supplement and has it helped with fatigue? Of course before starting any supplemental I will confirm with my doctor that there are no interactions with current medications. I am just curious if ribose has yield anyone some positive results. Again, all your input is kindly welcomed!


kvc33 - April 3

I tried d-ribose and something in it made me itchy (I'm allergic to most things) so I had to stop taking it. I've read the book and as far as I'm concerned it's a bunch of BS just like all of the so-called miracle cures. I tried his formula for pain and it had no effect and my pain is mild! I've read the books, tried the protocols and taken a million supplements, almost all to no avail. I don't think it can hurt you but I don't think it will help you either and that's probably what your doctor will say. If you want to try something natural and cheap for pain try Curamin or make up your own capsules of tumeric and ginger in powdered form available at your local grocery store. It if doesn't help, you haven't lost much. We still don't know what causes this illness and until we know that, unproven treatments are just a shot in the dark. If you like to gamble, go for it!


January - April 4

I've been taking Jarrows D-ribose for about a month, and noticed nothing at the start. Now I think it does help a little on the days I take it, so maybe you have to build it up in your body for a while. However…the things I can say work BEST for my fatigue (where I can tell a difference if I forget to take them) are: DHEA (low dose, 10 mg.); Jarrow's ubiquinol (a form of Co Q-10); Source Naturals mix of Acetyl L-carnitine/alpha lipoic acid; and gingko.

I read Teitelbaum's book years ago, and it got me researching and experimenting with supplements. I take a lot of them, and it is a bother. But when I don't take them, I feel rotten. I think the vitamins, minerals, extra B complex and selected amino acids are helpful. Also, certain herbs work for some people.

I think the best approach is to list the symptoms that are most problematic for you, and then research and try one supplement at a time and journal to see if you get results. Often, one supplement will be valuable in treating several symptoms. I liked the websites at The Vitamin Shoppe and Life Extension; though I don't always buy their formulations, they have places where you can check individual supplements to address your issues. Life Extension has very good cutting-edge research if you join up and get their magazine. Just keep on trying! I think there are many different problems that contribute to fibromyalgia, and everyone's body chemistry is different.

I've read good things about the curamin, turmeric and ginger that kvc mentioned - depending on your symptoms, they might be something to check out.


vavaughn - April 4

Thank you January and kvc33. I am really trying to look at all possible supplements for my debilitating fatigure. I appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences. Wishing you a painfree day!


Fantod - April 4

I tried D-Ribose when I was first diagnosed and really did not notice any improvement. However, my newest doctor suggested that I try "Corvalen" which is a medical food normally used for heart patients. It is D-Ribose but for some reason it seems to help more than the other product that I tried. The effect is not long lasting and I don't like the taste. It comes in powder or wafers. I have "chocolate" wafers which I equate to chewing on dirty gym socks. You can read about it online.

I agree with kvc33 that you need a different protocol to manage your symptoms. Perhaps it is time to see another doctor. A fresh set of eyes could not hurt. Take a copy of your medical records with you to save time and money.

By the way, I use Curamin made by Terry Naturally every day for breakthrough pain. I find that it is very effective. In addition to FMS, I also have degenerative disc disease and advanced osteoarthitis. I am always in pain but my overall level is much better with Curamin than without it. Take care.



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