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Ribcage Cramps
7 Replies
sharalee - July 21

I have severe ribcage cramps that sometimes take the breath from me and hurt so bad I can't function for a while. So far, the cramps don't last more than a few minutes. If they lasted longer, I believe I would have to get to a hospital for some medication!

Does anyone else have these kinds of problems?


rnsarah32 - July 27

2 years ago I had something similar...the right side of my rib cage felt like someone was stabbing me with a knife...Everytime I took a deep breath it hurt more...then I started to panic and cry and it got to the point that my bf had to take me to the ER...they had no idea. They diagnosed it as chostocondritis which is just an inflammation of the muscle between the ribs. I suppose now that I have been officially diagnosed with Fibo that could have caused the problem. Hope this helps


thecudd - July 30

Costochondritis is a common symptom of fibromyalgia that causes pain in the ribcage area. It is inflammation in the connective tissue of the rib cage. It is very painful and can come and go. It usually is on one side of the ribcage versus the other, but it could also occur on both. When you touch the ribcage, it will be painful to the touch. I get it on the left side. You should discuss this with your rheumotologist and cardiologist.

I hope you feel better soon.


mypain - September 1

Yes....potassium helped me 100%


Fantod - September 2

Muscle cramping and twitching are just some of the "perks' associated with Fibromyalgia. Try using Malic Acid. This is a tablet which you can find at any decent health food store. I use it in the morning and at night. Make sure that you understand how to use this supplement and any risks associated with its use.

And, thecudd is correct. It may be costochondritis which is also a perk associated with Fibromyalgia.

Enjoy the holiday weekend.


fibrofriend - September 4

Hi Sharalee - I too have occasional pain in my ribcage. Mine can last a lot longer, but maybe isn't quite as severe as yours. What I've found out about almost every part of my body that can hurt at any given time is that self-massage really works. I had been using this technique on my knees, shoulders, arms, hands, feet, etc., any time those areas started giving me trouble for more than just a short time, just gently massaging the muscles all around that area. Then one night after I went to bed and when my ribcage had been hurting for quite some time, I decided to try some kind of massage. All I did was to sort of gently put pressure on the muscles between my ribs, slowly going up and down as much I thought would help, and EUREKA, it did give me some relief. Maybe this would help for your pain.


bacala - September 12

Ive had these spasms. Different times of the day, but lately they have been at night. Not really sure what to do. I feel like if I go to my doctor she's going to think Im a hypocondriac. Its very painful and Im loosing sleep. Im just tired of this. Ive been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for a year and a half. I was just put on vicodin as a test to see if it helps. Which it does, but not at the dose she perscribed.Once again, I feel like a junkie!!!!


bacala - September 13

So I had a fundraiser for my daughter yesterday. I was at Baskin Robbins serving ice cream when one these spasms hit. This time I timed it. It lasted for and hour and ten minutes. Do you know how hard it is to serve ice cream and smile while doing it? Im going to have to break down and call my doctor. I walk around wondering when its going to hit and praying that I will be at home when it does.



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