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rib and chest pain
7 Replies
reese - May 20

I was just diagnosed in January after suffering from rib and chest pain for almost a year. I'm 26 years old and have been pretty healthy until this started. I had many medical tests done (MRI, pelvic ultrasound, lung scan, bloodwork) and my Dr. said it was fibromyalgia because everything kept coming back normal. The pain is in my left rib cage and is often sensitive to touch. It also feels like something is pressing up against my ribs at times. I also have pain in the left center part of my chest that I can describe as crushing pain and also at times sensitive to touch. I have been tracking my symptoms for 4 months now and notice that the pain gets intense during the week before, of, and a few days after my menstrual cycle. Has anyone else noticed a conection like this with their pain and cycle? Any help would be great!


mary - May 15

FYI. Sometimes it hurts to wear a bra, so I bought one of that is self adhesive and wear a thin camisole over it.


JJ - May 15

Thanks for the bra tip, Mary. I have been having soreness and tenderness in breasts (painful even to do self exams) which is being attributed to my FMS. I typcially wear bras with underwire support and think maybe a change will help. I am worried self adhesive bras may not give the support I need, though, so I think I will start with trying a simple bra with no underwires.


mary - May 15

That's why I wear the camisole to help just with a little support. Give it a try.


Lynne - May 15

Have any of you tried the sports bras? There are days that getting them on can be a problem but I think they now offer them with hooks like the regular bras have.


tammy - May 16

yes, i would say all is normal, and most definatly with our monthly cycle, the more and more women i talk to seem to have a problem just before they start, mine is the same, couple of days before i hurt everywhere, sure fire way to know it's of luck


Kim - May 16

I have been keeping track of my flareups and notice they come up right around my period. I only have one every 3 months since I am taking birth control. I have my period this week and my symptoms seemed to start up again a couple of days ago.


TERESA - May 20

I have not been diagonist with FMS & I too am looking for answers. My Dr has been treating me for post herpatic neurologia. I dont believe that this is my problem anymore. I have gone through most of the test you have, including a cardic cath, all with normal results. I tried to tell my Dr that the pain in right side felt like it was down deep not really my skin. I have stop having periods since this all began & I'm really too young for that. Lots of women my age are still having children. My co-workers have noticed & pointed out that my flare ups seem to be worse when I am under a great deal of stress. The pain that I am in seems to have progressed to most of my body now. I too just want answers!!! I dont know what it is like anymore to go through a day without something hurting!!



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