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rheumy/homeopathic response...
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lotus3mu - February 25

A rheumy can most definitely diagnose FMS for you. They will also run a work-up to look for various other autoimmune factors that may or may not be contributing to your symptomolgy. It helps if you can take copies of previous lab or scans with you to the rheumy appt. Also, prepare for them a chronological list of symptoms for example: what you started feeling and when, and include a complete list of all the meds you are currently taking. If you are having trouble getting an appt in a timely fashion see if your doctors office (the doc you are currently treating with) can call and speed things along. Sometimes a direct phone call between offices can get you seen faster. Also ask to be notified if there is a cancellation. That's how I got in so quickly. My appt was still 4 weeks away when they called with a cancellation. Also, make sure the doc checks a Vit D level with his rheumatology work up. Chest (sternum) pain/pressure can be a symptom of Vit D deficiency which is often associated with fibromyalgia patients. I personally am a strong advocate of alternative therapies in conjunction with modern western medicine. I have been a nurse for 20 years but must admit that I never once was exposed to a doc that believed in homeopathic therapies until FMS happened to me. Then I stumbled upon alternative therapies while doing my own research and really had to search out a doc who was receptive. Many docs learn very little in regards to nutrition, vitamins, supplementation and homeopathy during their training and find it to be less than credible. Also many docs are only willing to diagnose based solely on lab values without looking at the big picture of what symptoms the patient is experiencing-and with FMS/CFS/thyroid dysfunction and various other autoimmune diseases lab values don't always tell the whole picture. I went through several docs (including a GP, endo and rheumatologist) before finding an MD who was knowledgable and able to guide me with homeopathic methods. The key is to make sure you educate yourself regarding what choices are available and don't let anyone discourage you from what you think is the right thing for your body. Good luck.


jmtassey - February 26

Thank you for responding. I will definitely have the vitamin D deficiency thing checked out. Thanx again.



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