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rheumatologist question/homeopathy?
3 Replies
jmtassey - February 19

My doc put me on prednisone 2 weeks ago which is not working, I only have 3 days left. She says that she has sent a referrel for me to see a rheumatologist but it may take months and that he might not accept me because all my tests are negative. Can a rhematologist diagnose fibromyalgia and how long does it take? The muscle and chest pain is always here and nothing seems to relieve it so I ordered a homeopathic remedy called Ranunculus Bulbosus to see if that will help. Has anyone ever tried homeopathy?


old lady - February 24

My knees bothered me for years and no one seemed too interested. I told my doctor twice that I may have FMS. She said that is a process of elimination . So I made an appointment with a rheumatologist. that took about 2 weeks. .
He tested the tender spots and had me walk and said "You have FMS. the whole thing took about 5 min.
See if you can make an appointment on your own. Then do as I did and told my regular doctor that I DO have FMS.


teresat - February 24

Jm, first of all, why is you DR put you on prednisone & what tests did your regular DR run on you? Secondly, why did she refer you to a rheumy? To answer your questions....YES a rheumatologist CAN diagnosis FMS by eliminating other possible causes of your symptoms!! I may take awhile to get in to see him/her, but you should have NO problem getting him/her to see you! That is what their there for!!! As for the homeopathic remedy you are trying, I haven't heard of it. What's in it? What's it suppose to do? You must let us know if it is working!


jmtassey - February 25

Thanx for the response guys. My doc put me on predinsone because nothing was taking my pain away and she said if it was an autoimmune disorder that I would respond to the predinsone, which I didn't, and with all my strange complaints she said that a rhuematologist or to go seek a second opinion would be my best bet. So now I'm just waiting. I heard about homeopathy and decided to give that a try while I wait. I started it yesterday and so far no results but I am hoping it will take the costo away at least. The remedy is called Ranunculus Bulbosus ( a buttercup) that is used to treat inflamed cartilage in the ribs and other symptoms of fibromyalgia. It was pretty cheap too it was $13 dollars to be shipped and everything, which is a small price to pay if it works. So I'm just going to wait and see, I will let everyone know if it works or not in a about a week or so. my knees ache too they also make poping sounds if I move them the wrong way, it so strange.



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